Dec. 12th, 2014

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Toe of Doom™ 2: This Time It's Tarsal Update. Infection (basic staph, thankfully neither resistant nor Scott) has gotten into the bone. Apparently limited to the first joint of the toe, though an MRI is planned to make sure it hasn't spread. Was supposed to get a PICC line for IV antibiotics today, but the only thing grinding slower than the mills of the ghus is insurance co. bureauracy, so that will happen Tuesday.

Current plan is to have the Toecapitation© on the 29th, so as to not have to deal with new deductibles and such in the new year. It will be in-office, so I will be conscious, and plan on making mohel jokes throughout. There may be pictures taken, so beware.

Following that, it's roughly four weeks off from work (no pay, of course) whilst I heal. And during this time, my workplace is supposedly moving to a new location. Hoping they let me know where.

Oh, and someone tried to steal my car, again, tonight. Our neighbor happened to come outside and scared the clown off, but the driver's side mirror is dangling from its cables and the trim across the bottom of the window is dangling from the mirror mount. Joy to the fucking world.

And now back to the evening's drinking, already in progress.


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