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Another week? How the hell did that happen? The house-buying process grinds on. Work is worklike. Plans are made once again; perhaps this time they shall actually become reality. And of course, next week marks the celebration of the birth of our saviour, Shane MacGowan. Here's some non-holiday music for you.

1) Dark Ages, Jethro Tull

2) Bootleg, Bobby Keys

3) The Adventurers, Calliope Musicals

4) Undertow, Suzanne Vega

5) Circles, Blonde On Blonde

6) Fitter Happier, Anika ft. Obi Blanche

7) Flapping Wings, Powerdove

8) Black Cow, The Donald Fagen Band (03/13/06 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada)

9) Broken, Gorillaz

10) Little Furnace, Jim Guthrie

stocking stuffers

11) Everybody's Jumpin', The Dave Brubeck Quartet

12) You Or Your Memory, Mountain Goats (2007-07-22 - Rhino Records)

13) Roll 'em Pete, Dharma Blues Band

And as we trudge ever onward toward the joyful celebration that is MacGowanmas, I leave you with this traditional holiday classic.

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Welcome once again to Friday the 13th that comes on a Friday (©Pogo)! Ten days on antibiotics have brought Toe of Doom 2 back under control, though the damage to the digestion will last a bit longer, as usual.

As for my car, the $600-700 price tag replace the heater core, combined with the further corrosion of the right front wheel have led to the inevitable conclusion that I won't have a car of my own anytime soon. It'll go off to the knackers sometime this week.

In house-related news, our offer has been accepted, and Rohanna has been running around like crazy trying to get all the paperwork together for the loan company. Part of the rush has been the desire of the seller (Sisters of St. Joseph of C@rondelet) to get the property off their books by the end of the year, which involves cramming six weeks worth of activity into four or fewer. She and I had a talk Wed. night, and we have decided that if Baby Jesus doesn't get a check for Christmas, that's not our problem. Ro is much calmer now.

In other festive news, Dragonet has been going through training to prepare for the coming tax season for the last two weeks, and was informed yesterday that all of the seasonal employees are being furloughed as of today. No idea when she will be called back. Thanks so much. Have some non-holiday based music.

1) Poisoning the Well, Matthew Perryman Jones

2) Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who (Bridge Concert 1999)

3) Globe of Frogs, Robyn Hitchcock (2010-06-11 - The Drake)

4) Light Pollution, Delay Trees

5) Through My Sails, Soulsavers

6) Dreamer, Ry Cooder

7) Thief, The Ozone Quartet

8) What She's Done To Your Mind, Rain Parade

9) Three Ten Ten, The Last Round

10) More Money, Barry Reynolds


11) Morning Mr Magpie, Radiohead

12) Rogue Wave, The Madeira

13) Sunshine Blues, Bahamas

Tomorrow we go to the new place to measure rooms and start thinking about what goes where and how to make this madness work. Be nice if something would go right, just for a change.
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I am home, and not in Canadia, taking my rightful place as Emperor of Toronto this weekend. Not happy about that, though there may (given how things have been going, very much may) be some compensation for that on Monday. In the meantime, we are scrambling to get the financing done on the house we have made an offer on. Don't know if I've mentioned this, but the current owners are the Sisters of St. Mary's, who used the place to house some of the sisters. I am thinking we might have to call it Penguin Place should we get it.

In other news, the Intrepid has deveoped new symptoms, to wit drooling coolant and not heating the air coming into the car, both of which people who know more about these things than I (like most everybody) tell me are signs of heater core failure. With an estimated cost of $600-650 to fix it, this might be the end of the road for this car. On the plus side, Rohanna's retirement means that I won't have to take the bus to work in the winter. Anyway, here's the tunes.

1) Fuzzy & Wild, The Ghastly Ones

2) Born Under Punches, Talking Heads (Heatwave (08/23/80))

3) Stranded In Your Love (Cool Calm Pete-Sweet Nothing Mix), Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

4) Bad Asteroid, The Aristocrats

5) Pyramid Song, Radiohead

6) A OK, Boy Kill Boy

7) Rise Above It, Afro Celt Sound System

8) Forever Young, Spirit Animal

9) Here Comes My Baby, Mavericks

10) Seánce on a Wet Afternoon, Girls Names


11) Good Morning Little School Girl, Leroy Powell

12) Person To Person, Average White Band

13) Out Of This World (Oakenfold Mix), The Cure

Another advantate of being here, rather than at Smofcon, drinking Canuckistani beer, is that we all will be attending the Holly Holly Holly Days sale this weekend. It's probably the best feminist/lesbian/maker Holiday craft fair in the area, and definitely worth checking out if you are in the KC metro area. I'm running late, so just google it. Onward!
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Greetings, everyone! Hope you all survived the exceedingly rare dual magicks of Thanksgivukkah. Whether you're still in a food coma, or roaming the dark, dank, smoke-filled, body-strewn retail aisles, may your day be full of fun and entertainment. Me, I have to go to work, so fuck a lot of that. Anyways, here's some tunes. I am so thankful for the digital music revolution, despite the evil mistakes of the Phillips Corporation, else so much great (and also very, very bad) music would be lost forever.

1) Take Care The Road You Choose, Richard Thompson

2) Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Rolling Stones

3) Some Are Lakes, Land Of Talk

4) 1997 (Doctor Rosen Rosen REMIX), Department of Eagles

5) Jesus Fever, Kurt Vile

6) Let's Spend The Night Together, David Bowie

7) 'Til I Fell in Love with You, Bob Dylan (1/29/99, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, FL)

8) Surf Rider, The Ventures

9) Get On It, Gangstagrass

10) Who Shot Ya, KETCHY SHUBY

and then

11) Cinnamon Girl, Neil Young (11/15/92 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI)

12) Made Up Love Song #43, Guillemots

13) The End, The Doors (Apocalypse Now - Waiting For The Sun Tour)

The weekend will revolve around more packing and cleaning of the Belfry and the house below it as we continue the process of preparing to get this place clean enough to sell, and find a place to move to. At least the rest of the Jayhawks' games this weekend will be on real tv networks (pro tip: if you're going to name your network AXS, you should make some effort to make it, you know, accessible. Just sayin'). Onward.
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And another thrilling week in the Belfry. Tuesday started with my car dead (cause: rear dome light had somehow been turned on, and over the course of a week with little driving, the battery had been completely drained), and was highlighted by the 2nd floor toilet overflowing and raining down on the entry. Things have not gotten significantly better the rest of the week. Music.

1) There Ain't No Cure For Love, Leonard Cohen (Live In Vancouver)

2) Golden Years, David Bowie

3) accoustic junction, general fuzz

4) I Keep Waiting, Hacienda

5) 0340 Crazy Tonight = Strong Teeth, The Kleptones

6) More Than You Can Feel, Vanderveld

7) Donzo Don No.#1, Pigbag

8) Spam Song, Monty Python's Flying Circus

9) Brown Sugar, Rolling Stones ("Kings Of Drugs" Civic Center; Hartford, CT 10th November 1981)

10) Do You Remember Walter, The Kinks


11) Solo, Okkervil River

12) Strongest Man in the World, Menomena

13) Intruder, Peter Gabriel

And tonight is Yet Another Skype for the Worldcon bid (have you presupported? Please, do so now! They make great holiday gifts!). Saturday is highlighted by the 100th birthday celebration of Rohanna's mother. And other plans were made, which disappeared in less than 24 hours. I have a feeling that window is closing, and doubt there will be any others to open, ever.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] parrismcb at We've joined with Janis Ian...
and many others to create a unique fundraiser for the Pearl Foundation. Janis created the Pearl foundation to honor her mother, who went back to college as an adult to obtain the degree she had always wanted to earn.

I can't say it better than the press release Janis wrote herself:

Starting November 21st, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Janis Ian and eBay auctioneer Amy Leslie will host PROSE FOR PEARL, a 10-day auction of unique items and memorabilia by famous authors, to raise money for returning students. The auction will take place on the Pearl Foundation’s eBay site: http://stores.ebay.com/thepearlfoundation/
You can see the items right now at http://www.janisian.com
and you can read the whole story here:

We have items signed and donated by George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Wally Lamb, Pat Conroy, Len Wein, Joe Haldeman, Jane Yolen, Harry Turtledove, Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta, Michael Swanwick, Mercedes Lackey, Mike Resnick, and the family of Anne McCaffrey, plus a gold, diamond, ruby watch Janis’ family gave Pearl when she graduated.

What’s unusual about this auction?
-- It was suggested by author George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and his wife, Parris McBride, who are donating a pilot script from the hugely successful television series, signed by all the “Starks”, as well as signed books and personal notes from Martin to the high bidders.
-- The authors are Janis’ friends, and chose the items themselves. Many posed with their items, and sent photos of themselves with Janis for the sale.
-- The items are offered with no reserve. Each item has a description from the author as well as a short vignette by Ian detailing their relationship.
-- The authors will sign and personalize their items whenever possible.

The Pearl Foundation – history and FAQ
-- In 1998, Ian held the very first Internet auction through her own website, raising over $60,000 in college scholarship funds for Goddard College. What begun as a one-time tribute to her mother’s life-long dream of attending college became the Pearl Foundation, an IRS-approved charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for returning students.
-- To date, the Pearl Foundation has given away more than $700,000 in college scholarship funding. The Pearl Foundation’s annual overhead is less than 2%.
Come to http://stores.ebay.com/thepearlfoundation/ November 21st and
Be a part of something bigger than yourself!


There's some incredible items in the auction, not just from George and myself but from Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, the family of Anne McCaffery and a host of others.

One item that we hope will be of interest to many is a GoT script, signed by all the Stark family, from Sean Bean (Eddard) to Art Parkison (Rickon).

As I write this, it's less than an hour TWO hours (times zones can be so confusing) until the auction goes live on eBay. SO follow the links Janis gives to read more about the auction on her website, and then go to the eBay page link to start the bidding.

We would greatly appreciate you all spreading the word far and near about this auction, so that fans and collectors everywhere will have a chance to bid and obtain a unique item for their collections, a perfect present for someone they love, knowing that you're helping give a returning education student help to fulfill their dreams.

thank you,

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Last weekend was a mess. Plans had been made, then fell apart for reasons that were understandable, and no one's fault, but incredibly frustrating given the way this has been going for the past several months. Wound up spending Sat night at ConTraception (KC's adult relaxacon) hanging with frends, and had a good time. Still frustrated, with no change in that respect in sight.

Actually went out last night to see bands with NPulsifer and Gisele. First time in way too long. All three were good, with their own style. Snake Island, Spindrift and Dead Confederate are all worth checking out. Have some other music.

1) Guttersnipe, Bhi Bhiman

2) Mansford Roof, Vampire Weekend

3) 60 Cycles Numb, King Black Acid and The Womb Star Orchestra

4) 1605 Unfinished Turkey, The Kleptones

5) It's Already True, Weinland

6) and so begins the task, CSNY (Royal Albert Hall 6-1-70)

7) Ophelia, Mark Erelli

8) Christmas Morning, Loudon Wainwright III

9) Always Already Gone, The Magnetic Fields

10) You Done My Brain In, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band


11) Gravity/Falling Down Again/Street Hassle, Alejandro Escovedo

12) Hangers On, Dan Sartain

13) Take Your Time (Coming Home), fun.

And it's everything at once weekend, so up to Lawrence for KanPoly, then back to prepare my special surprise for the KaCSFFS Thanksgiving feast. Once again won't be at Skepticon, damnit.
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It is sometimes tempting to look at these lists as a form of faux divination (note: they are all faux), trying to tease meanings and insights into life and all that from the titles and bands. In this case, several of them could be applied to certain aspects of life at the moment. No, I'm not going to tell which ones.

Obviously, this has been an up-and-down year. The last couple of months have been extremely stressful, what with Rohanna's early retirement and Dragonet's (fortunately short-lived) furlough thanks to the Feral Children in Congress (®Charlie Pierce). We're looking for a more horizontally-organized house, and trying to get this one cleaned up enough to sell. Long-term changes in income mean far less travel and cons for the forseeable future. If we hadn't pre-regged for Contra last year, we wouldn't be going at all. Ro says she has a plan to get us to London, but I find it best to assume that I won't be there, or anywhere else any time soon.

And then, of course, there's my job, which has had the potential of disappearing at any given moment, but is even more precarious due to a change of ownership of the building we're located in. New management has offered us space, but isn't saying how much it will cost after the renovations are done. Given the boss's health issues and the issues involved in moving the equipment and materials, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he decided to just shut it down, which just adds another layer of stress.

There's a whole lot more shit going on in my reality structure, some of which has been very good and very weird at the same time, and other times incredibly frustrating. Getting tired of having to approach everything with the assumption it will go wrong, but it's what I got. So, see if you can figure out which songs might reflect some of my issues (no, #7 is not one of them).

1) This Hotel Room, Steve Goodman

2) Stinking To High Heaven, Laughing Clowns

3) Shake That 50 Cent (50 Cent vs. The Lovemakers), The Lovemakers

4) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Rheostatics-Bourbon Tabernacle Choir

5) The White Cliffs of Dover, Van Morrison (2/15/73, The Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA (late show))

6) Duck Duck Goose (Excerpt), Frank Zappa

7) Santa's Too Fat For the Hula Hoop, The Pixies with Thurl Ravenscroft as Santa Claus*

8) La Luz (Chunky Funky Mix), 808 State

9) Why Can´t We Live Together, Timmy Thomas

10) Blackbird (Rehearsal-Session), The Beatles

but wait

11) Sing, Gongzilla

12) I Choose You, James Pants

13) Good Job With Prospects, The Actress

Will see some of you tonight at Contra, I hope. The weekend has those possibilities looming, to what end (nae) we shall see.

*Alas, not those Pixies
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For those not on other media, my car was once again broken into this week. Idiots didn't notice the Club™ on the steering wheel, or were dumb enough to think I'd leave the key for it in there. Once again, steering column busted, and probably $500 I don't have to get it fixed. Then I found out last night the van is kaput, most likely the starter. And what with the encroachment of winter, I wasn't feeling at all good about much of anything. But I had a couple of good conversations this morning whilst listening to this set, and I am doing somewhat better. Knowing some things are going to be happening that I had resigned myself to not doing so help, too. So have some music.

1) Sweepstakes, Gorillaz Feat. Mos Def & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

2) Fade to God, ToToM

3) Waiting On The Stars To Fall, Hayes Carll

4) Crime in The City, Neil Young (New Orleans 3-12-1991)

5) I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio, Stereophonics

6) Haitian Divorce, Steely Dan

7) Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Amilia K Spicer

8) The End (Moonbeam), Harry Nilsson

9) Big Shot, The English Beat

10) Big Business, (Saratoga :: 1983-08-05)


11) World's Smallest Violin, Paleo

12) Angel Dance, Los Lobos

13) Your Bird, Retribution Gospel Choir (2013-02-12 Knitting Factory Brooklyn NY )

And off to work. We'll look at a couple of houses tomorrow, and work on getting more done here. Go Chiefs!
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Friday again? Another year gone by, and many changes and strangeness there were in it. Some I could have done without, others have made me re-evaluate what I thought I couldn't (or wouldn't) do, with interesting (to say the least) results. But now, musics.

1) the_same_haunt, Panic Years

2) Woman, John Lennon

3) This Barstool's Reserved For My Heart, David Lindley & Wally Ingram

4) 1956 and all that, McLusky

5) I Feel Out Of Control, elbarto&liamb

6) A Postcard to Nina, Jens Lekman

7) We Were Rock & Roll, Janelle Monáe

8) T'Mershi Duween (Truncated), Frank Zappa

9) Please Be My Third Eye, La Sera

10) die Folterkammer des Dr. Sex, The Vampires of Dartmoore

You want MORE?!?!? Oh, ok

11) I Should Get Up, Teddy Thompson

12) Rosemary, Carmina Piranha

13) The Battle Of The Little Man, World Party

After work will be the birthday dinner, with a quest to find someplace that still has Foeder Projekt #1 from Boulevard on tap. Bier Station and Flying Saucer are already out, so I don't have a lot of hope, but I will be calling around. The weekend holds the prospect of more house cleaning/packing, plus the Cards sweeping the Red Sox at home to take the World Series and the Chiefs with a shot at 8-0 (and boy, do I wish I'd been able to put some cash on that happening before the season started). And my fantasy team, the Lustful Cockmonsters (h/t Chris Kluwe) are looking for a sixth straight win, after going down hard the first two games (see what I did there?).
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So it appears that KC's own Boulevard Brewing, creators of some of the best beers anywhere (I have done a lot of research on this) is being bought by the Belgian brewery Duvel. Everyone please calm down. This is not an InBev-like takeover. This is a merging of two organizations dedicated to making high-quality beers for discerning palates. So let's celebrate with some tunes:

1) The Great Compromise, John Prine (BBC In Concert, London England)

2) The Chant Has Begun, Level 42

3) I Understand, The Hollies

4) I Got You, Wilco (Solid Sound Festival 6.24.11)

5) Lord Of Light [Single Version Edit], Hawkwind

6) Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle, Corb Lund

7) Shattered, The Rolling Stones

8) Under My Skin, The Sexbots

9) Colouring Of Pigeons; The Knife, Mt. Sims, and Planningtorock

10) Shot Down, The Mummies


11) Ain't Much More to Say, Matthew Mayfield

12) Bigger Burn, Eleni Mandell

13) Me & The Minibar, The Dresden Dolls

Were I not broke, I would be picking up some Duvel to drink tonight. The weekend will include more packing, and the KaCSFFS Hallowe'en party Saturday night at the Writer's Place. Come on by if you're in the area, it should be interesting.
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Bah. Humbug. Etc. Tunes.

1) Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In), Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

2) Aching To Pupate, Regina Spektor

3) Hidden #1 The Planet Of The Apes, TMBG

4) No One Will Know, Fort Atlantic

5) The Future, Leonard Cohen

6) Never Matter, Toro y Moi

7) 02. Liminality, The I

8) Boot To Boot, Jesse Stone And His Blue Serenaders

9) Change Is Now, The Byrds

10) Astronomy Domine, Pink Floyd (11/21 or 22, 1970. Montreaux Casino, Montreaux, Switzerland)

obligatory bonus

11) Postcards, An Horse

12) Feel, Syd Barrett

13) King Midas In Reverse, The Hollies

And off to work, then more packing and storing, with a trip to the RenFest Saturday.
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And LJ ate my long discourse, so the short version: Rohanna has lost her job ("position eliminated" was the euphemism), but got a severance package. We are beginning the process of getting the house in shape to sell, and looking for a new home with most everything on one floor. And, of course, since the feral children are leading an incredibly inept coup against the government, Dragonet is currently furloughed, so the only person here working is me, the part-timer.

To celebrate, Ro and I are going to FenCon this weekend, in the lesser Dallas area (there is nothing great, much less greater, about Dallas. See below). And now, music, before this all goes away again.

1) Without Her, Blood, Sweat & Tears

2) Walk In My Shadow, Free

3) My Love, Beatles Remixers Group

4) Sombre Reptiles, Talkdemonic

5) Three Kingfishers, Donovan

6) Keynsham, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (Top Gear, Rec Late 69)

7) Fopp, Ohio Players

8) Big Escape, Pearly Gate Music

9) Lately, Memoryhouse

10) Revolution 23 (Intro), The Beatles


11) Medicine Bow, The Waterboys

12) Sunset Song, Richard Thompson

13) Boxcar, Festival

And to add to the fun, the building where I work is being sold, and the new owners are planning a major renovation, including turning half of it into condos/apts. When I heard this, I figured we were doomed, as we wouldn't fit in with the place. But they new management team has offered us space on the 2nd floor (we're on 17 now). Boss is considering that, and looking into other options. So onward we go, into our uncertain future.

I leave you with this, in honor of another trip to Texas.

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Oh looky, another Friday the 13th, and on a Friday, even! Almost to the point of trying to recap Worldcon and attendant activities, but for now, some musics!

1) Thorazine Shuffle, Gov't Mule (5/5/01, Orpheum Theatre, New Orleans, LA)

2) Clean Slate, Kyler England

3) Song Of Sand, Suzanne Vega

4) Lady Jane, Belle & Sebastian

5) Into the Mystic, Warren Zevon (Cleveland 1992)

6) When White Horses Cry (Prince vs. Laid back) 7inch edit, dj lobsterdust

7) Tainted Love (Hard Cell Mix), B-Boy Electric

8) The Dolls' Tea Party, The Magnetic Fields

9) With A Little Help From My Friends, Gary Marcus

10) California Girls, The Magnetic Fields


11) Ecstatic Only Static Peace (Peace to Me) , DM Stith

12) On Your Way Down, Little Feat

13) One Tin Soldier, Paisley Yankolovich

With the temperature at normal levels here, weekend plans include: clean house to prep for delivery of new recliner, birthday/"I survived a heart attack!" dinner with the survivor and friends, feetsball and baseball (Go Jayhawks! Go Chefs! Go Royals ]and despite Yost and Dayton's best efforts, the Royal are still in contention, WTTF?])!
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Day One (Aug 24): I had hoped to leave by 9a, but the prep to get to the point where I could begin packing went past that, then the packing itself, plus multiple stops on the way out of town meant the 12.30 lunch with Tully happened at 2p. We got his contributions for the Bros parties stowed away, and headed south to Oklahoma City, where we stopped for the night. , as The Driver, am a good 15 yrars past that whole "Fourteen hour road yrip! Woo!" bullshit. We had a lovely dinner at Bubba's BBQ with friends, then crashed prior to day two of the trek.

Most amusing was our motel was just down the road from the former Central Plaza, home of SoonerCon for many years. It is now the Bricktown Hotel and Convention Center. I was informed that they price themselves accordingly.

Part two to follow
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We are ch-ch-ch-changing providers here at the Interglactic Casa von Paisley, IGFarben. After many, many years on Time Warner/Roadrunner's tubes, the nice Google folks are coming today to install our fibers. Whether this will make our posts here more regular, who can say.

However, this means that my primary email account for almost 20 years will soon be no more. Yes, farewell to dr-paisley@kc.rr.com. My new addy (it's been around for a while, but now it's the boss) is james(dot)murray013(at)gmail. Boring, pedestrian, all that. Such is life. On the other hand, much faster interwebs, so we'll take it.
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Or not. Between the heat and very strange dreams, it has not been a restful week at the homestead. Perhaps because of this:

I dreamt last night of a ComicCon-like extravaganza and Neil Gaiman. Who knows. In any event, tunes:

1) Bohemian Like You, The Dandy Warhols

2) Mrs. O'Leary's Cow, Brian Wilson

3) The New Clean Song, Crispin Glover

4) With A Little Energy, Love

5) Yes It Is, The Beatles

6) Heretic Pride, Mountain Goats (2013-06-05 Maxwells Hoboken)

7) When Your Love Falls Down, The Happy Accidents

8) Finn, The Very Sexuals

9) I Love You to Death, The Geez

10) Say Goodbye, Norah Jones

rounding errors

11) Mona Lisa Please, Leon Russell

12) Statuesque, Sleeper

13) Too Many Daves, DylanHearsAWho.com

And off to work, and then it's Everything Happens at Once Day tomorrow! KanPoly in Lawrence, bid planning at NPulsifer's, then the KaCSFFS meeting. At least there'll be lots of beer. Prozac, take me away!
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I typed this last Thursday with the header "Hello, I Must Be Going":

Missed the Random 10+ last week due to attending SoonerCon, which was a fine old time indeed. Hope to post more fully on the subject soon. And there won't be one this week, as the whole family is about to hop in the car and head to Eureka Springs for an actual vacation!

There's another reason, however, for the lack of tunes: the video card in my desktop machine went fan up, and so I do not currently have access to iTunes and its many wonders. A new card is already on the way, thanks to the eBay-fu of Rohanna, so by this time next week we should be back in business.

And I am so happy I have my iPad, which is how I am communicating to you today. Typing all this on my phone would have been difficult at best.

So happy Independence Day everyone. Try not to lose any body parts whilst blowing shit up.

But apparently it didn't take, since I'd never posted here from the pad before. In any event, we enjoyed the vacation, and when we got home, my new video card and 8G of RAM were waiting. So we're back, and here are the tunes.

1) Look Me Over Closely, The White Stripes

2) Becoming A Jackal, Villagers

3) Bathsheba Smiles, Richard Thompson

4) Canyons Of Your Mind, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

5) Moon, Björk (Biophilia Live at Manchester International Festival)

6) One, Aimee Mann

7) Dark Globe, Syd Barrett

8) Flight, Wooden Shjips

9) Victory March, The Vigours\

10) Unless It's Kicks, Okkervil River

and some more

11) Bad Sneakers, Steely Dan

12) The Hole Is Filling In, Marble Vanity

13) The Warmth Of The Sun, The Beach Boys

And so, off to work again, with nothing to do. The weekend will be full of laundry, cleaning, and work on the bid stuff as we get ready for LoneStarCon 3.
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Missed the Random 10+ last week due to attending SoonerCon, which was a fine old time indeed. Hope to post more fully on the subject soon. And there won't be one this week, as the whole family is about to hop in the car and head to Eureka Springs for an actual vacation!

There's another reason, however, for the lack of tunes: the video card in my desktop machine went fan up, and so I do not currently have access to iTunes and its many wonders. A new card is already on the way, thanks to the eBay-fu of Rohanna, so by this time next week we should be back in business.

And I am so happy I have my iPad, which is how I am communicating to you today. Typing all this on my phone would have been difficult at best.

So happy Independence Day everyone. Try not to lose any body parts whilst blowing shit up.
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As happens so often, I listened to these this morning, but didn't have time to add all this vitally important blather before I headed to work. So sad. Here's music for a Friday to cheer us all up, maybe.

1) Castles In the Snow, Twin Shadow

2) Just Like A Woman, Calexico & Charlotte Gainsbourg

3) Lungs, Cowboy Junkies (2004-08-30 - Birdie's)

4) Strong The Root (Instrumental), Lamb

5) Hello I Am Your Heart, Dennis Linde

6) My Day, Cosmo Jarvis

7) American Squirm, Nick Lowe

8) I've Got A Feeling, Beatles (Black Album)

9) Blue Driver, Michael Hurley

10) Soul Finger, The Bar-Kays


11) I Took the Moon for a Walk, Mark Erelli

12) Etude No.2 (Superveille) (from Glass Cuts, Philip Glass Remixed), Philip Glass

13) Wait For Me, Elin Ruth

And another reasonably busy week at work. Not enough work to justify being fulltime again, but pretty close some weeks. Next week is Soonercon, in the Greater OKC Tornado Attraction Matrix. Hope to see some of you there. They have me on a pun panel. Whatever could they be thinking?

In other climate news, it's gotten hot again here, so the a/c struggles valiantly to keep it in the low 90s up here during the day.

And because the universe doesn't care, I wasn't able to see the Mountain Goats when they came through town Wednesday. Here's my second-favorite song of theirs, to remind me that life sucks.


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