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Friday again? Another year gone by, and many changes and strangeness there were in it. Some I could have done without, others have made me re-evaluate what I thought I couldn't (or wouldn't) do, with interesting (to say the least) results. But now, musics.

1) the_same_haunt, Panic Years

2) Woman, John Lennon

3) This Barstool's Reserved For My Heart, David Lindley & Wally Ingram

4) 1956 and all that, McLusky

5) I Feel Out Of Control, elbarto&liamb

6) A Postcard to Nina, Jens Lekman

7) We Were Rock & Roll, Janelle Monáe

8) T'Mershi Duween (Truncated), Frank Zappa

9) Please Be My Third Eye, La Sera

10) die Folterkammer des Dr. Sex, The Vampires of Dartmoore

You want MORE?!?!? Oh, ok

11) I Should Get Up, Teddy Thompson

12) Rosemary, Carmina Piranha

13) The Battle Of The Little Man, World Party

After work will be the birthday dinner, with a quest to find someplace that still has Foeder Projekt #1 from Boulevard on tap. Bier Station and Flying Saucer are already out, so I don't have a lot of hope, but I will be calling around. The weekend holds the prospect of more house cleaning/packing, plus the Cards sweeping the Red Sox at home to take the World Series and the Chiefs with a shot at 8-0 (and boy, do I wish I'd been able to put some cash on that happening before the season started). And my fantasy team, the Lustful Cockmonsters (h/t Chris Kluwe) are looking for a sixth straight win, after going down hard the first two games (see what I did there?).
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So it appears that KC's own Boulevard Brewing, creators of some of the best beers anywhere (I have done a lot of research on this) is being bought by the Belgian brewery Duvel. Everyone please calm down. This is not an InBev-like takeover. This is a merging of two organizations dedicated to making high-quality beers for discerning palates. So let's celebrate with some tunes:

1) The Great Compromise, John Prine (BBC In Concert, London England)

2) The Chant Has Begun, Level 42

3) I Understand, The Hollies

4) I Got You, Wilco (Solid Sound Festival 6.24.11)

5) Lord Of Light [Single Version Edit], Hawkwind

6) Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle, Corb Lund

7) Shattered, The Rolling Stones

8) Under My Skin, The Sexbots

9) Colouring Of Pigeons; The Knife, Mt. Sims, and Planningtorock

10) Shot Down, The Mummies


11) Ain't Much More to Say, Matthew Mayfield

12) Bigger Burn, Eleni Mandell

13) Me & The Minibar, The Dresden Dolls

Were I not broke, I would be picking up some Duvel to drink tonight. The weekend will include more packing, and the KaCSFFS Hallowe'en party Saturday night at the Writer's Place. Come on by if you're in the area, it should be interesting.
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I did the listening portion this morning, but had to leave for work before posting. After driving 1000 miles to Chicago and back for the all-hands meeting for Chicon 7, I put in somewhere over 50 hours in my normal 28 hour work week. And with the trip to Minicon over Easter weekend, I drove over 2000 light years from home miles in four days over three weeks. But now, the tunes.

1) Telethon, Emily Haines

2) Dolly Parton's Guitar, Lee Hazlewood

3) Garden Song, We The They

4) Mend (To Fix, To Repair), Elsiane

5) 16 Fantasy, Op. 107 / March and Postlude, Dejan Ivanovic

6) The Farm Yard Connection, Fun Boy Three

7) I'm A Man, The Yardbirds

8) Guitar Town, Steve Earle

9) Elemental, Holy Hail

10) Thoughts On Thoth, Sun Ra


11) Open, Mike Scott & The Waterboys

12) Hug The Harbour, Emma Pollock

13) Aftershock, Scene Of Irony

The fambly went to the Beer Kitchen tonight. Excellent food, and great beer. Had the Belgian-styles fries with a bacon dipping sauce who praises I must sing in aiolian scales. Going to have to go back with the beer crew to share a bomber of Boogoop while it's still available.

And now, or very soon, off to bed with no need to get up at 6a to be at work by 7.30, like the last couple of days. So I'm quite certain I'll wake up then anyway.
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Welcome, triskadekaphiles! Having survived the trip to Minicon and back, we're here once again spinning the hits (and misses, when they show up). Minicon was fun, if exhausting even without the drive (first con in six months; gotta get back in con shape). Having headed north last Thursday evening with a full vehicle, we crossed the Minnesota border at 2a and found our overnight crash space in Ottawana.

The next morning, I was reading the local free paper and the big story was the upcoming Easter egg hunt put on by a local church. Apparently last year 10K eggs weren't enough, so they had arranged for 50,000 eggs for this year's event. For a city of 25,000. Additionally, the church was bringing in a special guest speaker for the Easter service: Stephen Baldwin. Scary stuff.

On the way up, we stopped for dinner at the only non-fast food we could find open, an Applebee's just off I-35 in the northeast corner of the Des Moines metroplex. Our server was wearing a shirt promoting Peace Tree Brewing. The Rye Porter was very tasty indeed, and a side trip to the brewery in Knoxville in the near future will be in order. But now, the tunes.

1) Space Oddity, Belle & Sebastian

2) Back On The Street, Hawkwind

3) The Polka Polka, Mojo Nixon

4) Pull Up To The Bumper, Grace Jones

5) Hydrological Cycle, Half-handed Cloud

6) So What, Larry Carlton

7) Greensleeves, Neil Young (5/16/74, The Bottom Line, New York City)

8) I Was The One She Came For, Jonathan Richman

9) 05 Revolution 1 (Take 20, Monitor-Mix), The Beatles

10) Keechie, No Age


11) Your Own Worst Enemy, TMBG

12) On and On, Friska Viljor

13) Oxycontin Blues, Steve Earle

Friday the 13th (that comes on a Friday) and the Royals home opener this afternoon. And I have to work. Bah humbug.
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Since the car was still being vivisected this morning, I did the tunes, but ran out of time to post them. So here they are now, as I listened to them this morning. Oh, and I am now over 34K in the ol' iTunes. Hooray, interwebs!

1) London's Brilliant Parade, Elvis Costello

2) Think, Ed's Redeeming Qualities

3) Betty Wang, Hospitality

4) Don't Cry, Neil Young & the Restless (Bronco Bowl, 1989)

5) You Don't Know Me At All, Bettye LaVette

6) Cops and robbers, The Rolling Stones

7) Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride), Don Felder

8) Animal Farm [BBC Session Remix], The Kinks

9) Down By The River, Low (2008-01-13 - East Brunswick Club)

10) The Good Life, The Week That Was


11) Cloudberries, Super Furry Animals

12) Epilepsy Is Dancing, Antony & The Johnsons

13) All I Want Is You, U2

Got the car back this evening, and decided to go to the newly rebuilt Gomer's Midtown. And as I had thought, they were having their first beer tasting in the new venue. Wound up getting a bottle of the 2009 Goose Island Xmas Ale (available at the tasting, nom; will be putting that one in the downstairs fridge and forgetting for a while), the Lagunitas Doppel Weizen (which I just love; hope they decide to continue it as a regular item), Griffin's Bow Barleywine from Sam Adams (which I recommend very highly), and, to make life so much better, Jewbelation 15, from Schmaltz Brewing. 15 malts, 15 hops, 15% abv. So looking forward to cracking one of those open.

Thanks to the car, the planned holiday shopping is on hold. Who know what I will do?
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Had a lovely day yesterday with a friend who came in from out of town. We headed out to the Parkville Brew Fest, only to discover that in somewhat less than two hours, they had completely sold out of the 3,000 tasting glasses they had available, and so no more people could be admitted. Very disappointed. We then went to the Brookside Art Fair, where much lovely art was seen. If you're in the KC area and are looking for something to do this afternoon, I recommend going over there. 63rd & Brookside, look for the big horkin' tent.

And now I am back home, and it is the First of May, and I say unto you, comrades. The time has come . . . to come! Throw off your chains, and your clothes! Workers of the world, unite (not a euphemism)!

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I chose not to watch the festivities, being as a) I was asleep, and Numero Two-o) I didn't have enough booze in the house to play the drinking games ("Do a shot everytime the cameras pan over to Chuck and Trigger" alone would have bankrupted me and my liver). So let's have some celebratory tunes!

1) The Polka Polka, Mojo Nixon

2) Forever, The Cure (Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia)

3) Rain in the country, Pink Floyd

4) Pigeon Penelope. Imani Coppola

5) Song For The Walls, Eric Ambel & Roscoe's Gang

6) Wonderboy, The Kinks

7) Rasputin, Boiled In Lead

8) Hearts and Minds, matt pond PA

9) Bully For You, Tom Robinson

10) Fall Apart, Alejandro Escovedo

continued on next rock . . .

11) If I Let You Live, Hussalonia

12) We Gathered In Spring, Midlake

13) Down by the River, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (2008-02-23 - The Music Hall)

And so off to work. Hoping to get a break to watch the shuttle launch. And then the Parkville Brew Fest and the Brookside Art Fair on Saturday, with a friend coming in from out of town. Good thing I have Monday off (except for that whole getting paid thing). Onward!
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Another Friday, more rain. Last week's adventure in Chicago featured semi-Biblical levels of downpour for much of the trip there. One hopes the deluge is less intense for the lucky bastards driving to Minicon today. And that they bring me back some Surly. Or I will be. Here's some travelling tunes.

1) Glass, Bat For Lashes (Recorded live on Radiohead tour Nimes June 14th 2008)

2) (Sittin' On The) Dock Of The Bay (Alternative Take 2), Otis Redding

3) Just Like Starting Over, The Flaming Lips

4) Going to Bolivia, Mountain Goats (2007-07-22 - Rhino Records)

5) In My Time Of Dying, The Be Good Tanyas

6) Stay the Night, Five O'Clock Heroes

7) Worms, The Pogues

8) Rusted Weather, Poi Dog Pondering

9) When U Were Mine, Dump

10) You Can't Kill Me, Mojo Nixon (Mojo Nixon Live at The Casbah 12/28/2003)

and then . . .

11) Wide Angle Lens,

12) No Love To Give, The United States Of America

13) Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914, The Zombies

Tuesday (Arrogant Bastard Day here in KC) I took off work early and staked out a table at Fying Saucer for their Stone Brewing intro, and a good thing. By the time Rohanna and Dragonet got there, it was packed. We enjoyed dinner and a couple of flights of various wonderful Stone products, and even got to talk to one of the co-founders of Stone Brewing.

Looks like Dragonet and I will be going up to Lawrence on Sunday to make Easter dinner for her mom, who is out of the cast/splint for the fractured elbow, but is still having problems with her hand. And onward, into the rain, which falleth on the just and unjust, but not Texans.
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Did the4 work this morning, but failed to post before heading to work. Wasn't in a good mood then; things have not improved since. Dragonet got home to discover water dripping from the freezer half of the upstairs fridge. Things were still cold, just not frozen anymore. All occupants have been moved to the brand new downstairs freezer, which ate all of it without any problem. We are monitoring the fridge half to make sure it is still working. We bought this device May 2001, just after closing on this house. One would expect it to last longer than 9.5 years.

Anyway, this morning's music, stil reasonably fresh:

1) Families, Neil Young

2) Miss Me, Eleni Mandell

3) If I Viva la Vida (Starters Remix), Coldplay vs Nas

4) Dead Man's Party, Oingo Boingo (Farewell - Live From The Universal Amphitheatre - Halloween 1995)

5) Stutter, Elastica

6) Dear Doctor, The Rolling Stones

7) Sunship Balloons, The Flaming Lips

8) Tattoo, Beatmapper

9) I Make Windows, Forest Fire

10) The Lakes of Canada, Innocence Mission


11) You’re a Target, No Age

12) Someday, Someway; Marshall Crenshaw

13) Universe & U, KT Tunstall

The only positive note for today came after work. I went by Gomer's Midtown, where they were hosting a tasting of Southern Tier beers, including two I had not previously had, their Pale Ale and 2X IPA (both recommended highly). A couple was at the table when I came in, and at one point were reading the dense verbiage on the back of one of the bottles. The distributor rep who was pouring said, "Yeah, they like to tell stories about their beers. But you should see Stone Brewing's bottles, you need a magnifying glass to read them." I told him about bringing nack a case of Stone products from San Jose, adding "because you can't get it here, of course."

The rep looked at me and said two words that made me very happy: "This year." I must have looked doubtful, for he assured me that it was true, and that two other breweries were also going to make their Missouri debuts this year, one whose name I missed in the euphoria of the moment, and Deschutes, from the beautifully-named town of Bend, OR.

This is good news indeed for lovers of fine craft brews, and I look forward to reporting on all the new beers as they become available.
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I am back to working part time, four seven hour days a week. Can't say I'm surprised, given the lack of work the past couple of months, but I was kinda hoping we'd make it to the new year before this happened. Beats no work at all, I suppose.

In other updates, the Toe of Doom™ is maintaining, and I will be doing another two weeks of I.V. antibiotic infusions. Unfortunately, making less money does not make it easier for me to miss six weeks of work to recuperate from the Toecapitation, so we're just hoping to keep the infection from spreading. Although I have been researching interchangeable peglegs . . .

SMOFcon was fun, and I hope to have a more complete post on it up soon. And for all those wondering, the cooler with 12 bottles of the fine products of the Stone Brewing Co. made it home just fine. Nom nom.
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The second round of the Beer 101 class was tonight, at the Boulevard Brewing Co. This time we dealt with off flavors/smells, and their origins. While most of them were indeed nasty, the lactobacillus versoin of Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat had a nice sour taste to it that I liked.

After the bad stuff, we had a session on food and beer pairings. We started with a fairly hard cheese and Boulevard Pilsner, then Pale Ale with a very nicely spiced buffalo summer sausage. A softer, creamier cheese followed, paired with Tank 7, their saison. Then it was a strawberry with Long Strange Trippel, which was incredibly good. The finale was Heath bars with Boulevard's Belgian Quadrippel, The Sixth Glass. OMFG! Such a wonderful combination of chocolate, sweet and crisp with smooth, malty goodness.

If you are in the KC area, and love beer, I highly recommend this class. It is offered by the Communiversity, and will give you lots of beer info.

Beer 101

Aug. 23rd, 2010 09:40 pm
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One of the benefits of Rohanna's many years of teaching Irish Dance through Communiversity at UMKC is she gets the option of taking one class for free each semester. For the summer session, she signed up (and added moi, bless her heart*) for Beer 101, which met tonight for the first of two sessions at Boulevard Brewing Co.

The evening began with a tour of the facilities, which have expanded incredibly since the last time I was there. We got a run through of all the various areas of production and bottling by one of the brewers (including the cask room, where several different beers were aging in bourbon, rye and wine barrels for future delectation). Then it was back to the tasting room, for a primer in beer styles, with samples!

The five samples included Bob's '47 (Boulevard's Oktoberfest style), Francizkammer Hefeweizen, Boulevard Single Wide IPA, Boulevard Dry Stout and Chimay Red Label (Dubbel). After the talk, we were invited to step up to the bar to sample more. I had their Saison, Tank 7, and Ro had some more Single Wide. The group was quite knowledgeable, and asked a variety of interesting questions.

Wednesday is part two, with a discussion of off flavors and how to spot them, and food and beer pairings. I highly recommend this course if you are in the KC area.

*In the literal, not Southern sense
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Last night I tried to leave work on time, and was only 30 minutes behind when I got home. Dragonet, Rohanna and I jumped into the van and hightailed it (for values of "hightail" that repeatedly approached 30 MPH) to Old Chicago in Overland Park, where we met Carol Doms and Liz Gooch, along with her parents, who were visiting from Texas. The reason for the get-together was the World Beer Tour that OC uses to get people to come in and drink (and eat). They were kicking off a mini-tour featuring Missouri's largest US brewery, Boulevard(1). There was a free buffet for a short period, and the first two Boulevards ordered were $1 off. Completing the mini-tour (drinking all eight beers on the list, though only three count per day) gets one a t-shirt, and that much farther down the road to completing the Tour itself.

But the real fun began at 7p, when Trivia Night began. We all decided to play, and Liz's father came up with a team name, which Liz chose to render as "No It Alls." Six rounds, three questions per, plus halftime and final questions. The first three rounds had values of 2, 4 and 6, which the team assigned to each answer per round. The first question was in the category of "Celebrities" and was "What was Rob Van Winkle's stage name?" Without hesitation, I said "Vanilla Ice," and everyone at the table looked at me as though I were daft.(2) When that was announced as the correct answer, I knew we were going to do well. The first real crunch question came in the second round, under movies, and I managed to locate the answer, which was "Brewster's Millions," somewhere near my prostate. Overall, we only missed two of 18 questions, and failed to remember that Willem Dafoe played Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ in the halftime question (Max Von Sydow, Jim Caviezel and Ted Neeley, no problem).

When it came to the final question, it was strategery time. We had to figure out how many points (out of 20 max) to wager so we could keep our lead if everyone got it right, and still stay in front if no one did. The delicate application of maths gave us the answer of 14, and sure enough we had just enough to hold off the second place team for victory! The prize? %$50 OC bucks, which we will spend the next time we all go to Trivia Night. Tons o' fun for everyone. And Liz managed to complete her Second World Beer Tour (110 different beers) and received a t-shirt commemorating the historic event. She took a victory lap around the bar in slo-mo, inspired by my suggestion to imagine the theme to "Chariots of Fire" as she ran.

(1) The Belgians own Anheuser-Busch, but I am still awaiting the rollout of Bud Kreik.

(2) I watched a lot of MTV in the early days, when it showed nothing but music videos, what can I say?
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He'Brew R.I.P.A. on Rye

Their fine, fine Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.* aged in Sazerac Six Year Rye Whiskey Barrels. Damn! The rye whiskey smacks you upside the haid from the first sip, then sits back and lets the ten malts (including four rye malts) and six hops to dance around your mouth like a wedding party on a ergot bender. Thick, rich, creamy rye goodness. Another fine product from Shmaltz. Only 469 cases of bombers of this version, so grab it if you see it. I am sure this will age well. Damn, wish I had another one. Oh, 10% abv, for the sticklers. Nom, nom.

*Named for Lenny Bruce, it's a Rye Double Imperial IPA. The original is quite good, but this is exponentially better
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So I had the car towed to the mechanic's this morning. I called AAA at 9a, and they said it would be 45 minutes, so I went back up the the Belfry and looked up the beers available at Free State (yes, I will be stopping there on the way to BYOcon; Doppel Alt and a Rye-IPA call my name). While I was looking at the page, my phone buzzed and indicated "unknown," which I normally ignore, but since i was expecting a response, I answered. The recorded voice told me the tow truck was 10 minutes way! Yoiks! I quickly ran downstairs, dressed, grabbed my lunch, and sure enough, there was the truck.

After dropping the Intrepid off, I hoofed it to work, where there (finally) was more Ha//mark to run and deal with. I had plenty to do, and worked through the day with a 15 minute break for lunch. At one point, the mechanic's called me to say the problem was that the coolant reservoir had gone splody, and that it was a dealer-specific item. They had one on the way, but the total cost of putting it in would be $235 and change. I said do it, and informed Rohanna of the cost.

I kept working, and more shit kept coming in. Just after 5p, they called back, and said that the real problem was that the cooling fans weren't coming on, which is why the reservoir over heated and went all Linda Blair. I called Ro, who was on the way home, and had her pick me up, and we stopped by the mechanic's on the way home. They think it's something in the electrical system, perhaps a relay, but are still looking.

So I have no car, and have to catch a bus in the morning to be at work by 8a to get the rest of the Ha//mark shit done. I am so looking forward to being gone this weekend.

To help relax tonight, I opened bottle #1713 of 12,148 of Boulevard's newest Smokestack series, "Rye-on-Rye." Brewed with two different malted ryes, with 2/3rds of the product aged in rye whiskey barrels. The result is an incredibly rich, smooth, malty bottle of goodness. If you are in the 20 state area (or so) where Boulevard is distributed, grab this puppy now! I am going to get at least 3 more bottles, and put two in the basement fridge to age for a year or so.

I give it a 9.75, no doubt about it.
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After a day of working that involved actually working for the whole day for the first time in way too long, I joined NPulsier and Gisele at Waldo Pizza (the best damn pizza in the metro area by a long shot) for a beer tasting. Schlafly* was hosting a special evening with their Bourbon Cask aged Imperial Stoud from 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The last of the list was on tap, the rest were in bottles. It was quite interesting to be able to compare the different vintages directly. The weakest of the lot was the '07. The '06 was amazing, and the '08 and '09 both have a great deal of potential to improve with proper cellaring. If you have an opportunity to pick up any of these, do so. It is definitely worth it.

*Yes that Schalfly, but the ones who are doing good
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As is true with so many things, I have accumulated a collection of beer mugs and glasses over the years. Some were direct purchases, others came as part of a package deal with the beer. Just before McGowanmas, I received a package in the mail from Roger "Pinky" Tener, head of the Dawn Patrol, chief pilot for White Knuckle Airlines and all-around great guy. He is also, like myself, a fan of the Firesign Theatre, and inside the box was this fine addition to the collection. It holds a full (US) pint, and fits in my hand perfectly.

Today, after having dropped off a couple of months' worth of bottles at our handy neighborhood glass recycling dumpster, I ran by Gomer's Midtown to replenish the larder. At one point I looked over at a shelf of glassware, and what do my wondering eyes behold but one of these babies. I've been wanting one for a while, and this was the first time I had seen one. It is now on my desk, holding the last few sips of a Samuel Adams Noble Pils. Obviously, a lot of testing will be necessary to determine if this glass is the breakthrough it's claimed to be, but I am up to the task.
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To celebrate the State of Kansas finally getting around to distributing the unemployment extension from last summer/fall, we went the new brunch being offered at the 75th St. Brewery. $12.99/person, all you can eat tables o' food, plus omlettes to order and Eggs Benedict. We showed up just after 11a, and caught the pre-church lull perfectly. The only downside was that the first two beers I tried to order (Dante's Dream, a Belgian ale, and the Irish Red Ale) were no longer available. They were both seasonals, so that happens. Our server then informed me that among the guest beers they had on tap was Unibroue's Trois Pistoles, which I immediately ordered. So when I was heading back to the table with my first plate, I hear the bartender announce "that's the bottom of the Three Pistols." Alas, they did not have another keg, so they gave me the half-glass that had poured as a "taster," and I had the nummy IPA. Good food, good beer, a very good price. I recommend it highly.

Ratings: Trois Pistoles, 7.75; Good Hope IPA, 7.

Sated, we headed into the wilds of Overland Park to hit Microcenter. Ro priced laptops, Dragonet got the adapter cable she needed to hook up her monitor to her laptop, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they had the Sonnet USB 2.0 card I had mentioned in the previous post on hand. A quick stop at Whole Paycheck resulted in the acquisition of two large buffalo chuck roasts ($3.99/lb through next week), and we headed back home.

The new card installed quickly and easily, and boy it makes working with the external drive a whole hell of a lot faster. Joy. Now back to feetsball and cleaning.
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I have been remiss in my posting, and there have been so many interesting things to talk about, like driving in the Stephen King-quality fog up to Lawrence last weekend (the road was fine, but there was nothing but white right up to the edges of the highway), watching KU finally wake up and beat Nebraska with NPulsifer (got to taste Magic Hat #9; the description of it as a "Not Quite Pale Ale" is very much correct) and other adventures. But the biggest story, of course, was getting Dragonet her new laptop Tuesday. She is so happy. It's a good thing.

But while I was at Nebraska Furniture Mart picking it up, I got myself a 1T LaCie external hard drive. It was the only one that specifically said on the box that the backup included had a Mac version. Got it set up, partitioned and the initial backup done that night. Wednesday evening, before I went to NPulsifer and Gisele's place to watch KU play Baylor, I began the process of transferring the 105G of tunes on my machine to their new home on the 681G partition. That process continued until this afternoon, almost 48 hours. Obviously, I need to get a USB 2.0 card for my machine. This looks like it will do the job, just need to scrape the shekels together.

The weekend promises a distinct lack of required activities, which is a nice change of pace. Sunday will be spent watching the conference championship games. I am definitely rooting for Nawlins to finally put a stake through Brett Favre's heart (re: last week's NO/AZ playoff game, once again Kurt Warner comes to the Big Easy looking for football glory, only to have his BFF Jesus desert him come game time to spend the day in the French Quarter turning water into Hurricanes*). It's the other game I am conflicted about. I would have no problem sending Peyton and the Colts home, but I really don't want to encourage the spawn of noted sociopath and former coach Buddy Ryan. But then, I remember that GRRM is a Jets fan, and his team making the Super Bowl would make him deliriously happy.

*Note to Smofbabe: the drink, not the U.

So Nu? Year

Jan. 2nd, 2010 08:27 pm
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Having survived Avataron Wednesday, we stopped for gas and I was extremely pleased to discover they were carrying "Heritage" Dr. Pepper, made with sugar as opposed to the Demon High Fructose Corn Syrup. I had run across a variant form in Texas, but was amazed it had made the trek this far north (unlike Texas's other main export, armadillos, which have made it up here, but tend to freeze once the temperature gets into the winter area). Upon awakening on New Year's Eve, the family made a trek to Lowe's, where we returned a very lovely oil heater that had a nasty habit of blowing whatever circuit it was plugged into, and not in a good way. We then went to the WalMart next door, where they also had the new/old Dr. Pepper. I was allowed to get two 12-packs of the precious drink. I am assuming this is a short run production, and plan on hoarding the stuff to the maximum extent possible. It that spike in sales convinces the corporate overlords to continue the product, so much the better.

We began the evening at the home of friends where we have spent the holiday before, and a lovely variety of food was available, along with much good company. But I left there at 8.30p or so, to join other friends for a special beerfestapalooza. My very dear friend Bob Hise had emailed members of the KaCSFFS Zymurgists to say he had a bottle Sam Adams Utopias he was wanting to share on NYE. I was fortunate to have some of the 2007 bottling at the Boston SMOFcon, and was more than looking forward to another taste of this unique brew.

The 2009 version did not disappoint at all. According to some online reports, some of this batch was aged for 16 years in scotch barrels, while another part was aged in bourbon barrels. The combined product was then finished in wine casks of various types. It is incredibly rich, with so many different flavor notes it's hard to keep track of them all. The 27% abv* gives it an incredible kick. The highlight of the evening was watching our friend Paul Burns (who works at my neighborhood liquor store of choice*) try Utopias for the first time. The variety of expressions that crossed his face as he savored the first sip was wondrous to behold (and enhanced by the glo-stick "shock collar" around his neck).

In addition to that fine brew, I broke out a bottle of Arrogant Bastard I had brought back from Austin, and Bob shared several of his fine home brews (including an interesting Belgian Golden Ale and an incredible Bell's "Two Hearted Ale" clone that if anything was superior to its inspiration). Finally got home at 3a or so.

On Friday, we were joined by NPulsifer and Gisele and Lyle UU for a trip to Flying Saucer (the person who called for the trip wussed out at the last minute) I had the new stout from Left Hand Brewing, Fade to Black, as well as a generous amount of NPulsifer's choice, Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout, which I had never had on tap. Thick, black, full of malt and hop goodness and redolent of fine bourbon, it's one of my favorites. Even better fresh from the tap.

Today I sorted laundry and ironed a bunch of shirts in preparation for the upcoming work week. The main issue here remains th furnace, which has been on Cheyne-Stokes breathing since we turned it on in November. A new one will be installed over Monday and Tuesday, but that leaves us dependent upon space heaters and cats for warmth until then. An of course we're in the middle of an unseasonable cold snap hereabouts with the low tonight around 5˚, and highs for the week in the teens.

So I'm going to try to keep track of new beers I have had this year, with a rating even. And sometimes descriptions, if I feel like it. Deal. I will start with New Year's Eve, because (much like happy hour) it was the 1st somewhere when I was imbibing.

Sam Adams Noble Pils (incorporating all five varieties of Noble hops): 7.5/10

Sam Adams Utopias 2009: 9.75

Boulevard BBQ Stout 2008 (aged in bourbon barrels with cherries; this bottle cellared for 13 months): 9.25

Zymurgist Belgian Golden Ale: 8

Zymurgist Two-Hearted Clone: 9.25

Left Hand Fade to Black Stout: 7.5

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (tap): 8.75

And more to come, I hope. As for now, the new decade (and of course it's a new decade, the tens digit has changed. How can any but the most obtusely innumerate not understand that?) has yet to improve on the last one, which had some fine, fine moments, but overall was less than amusing to say the least.

*This amazingly high alcohol content is achieved with a series of specially bred yeasts that can survive the environment, as opposed to most of the "extreme" abv beers, which get there by way of freezing the beer, then removing the ice, thus raising the alcohol content of the remaining liquid. That's not right, say I.


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