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Last weekend was a mess. Plans had been made, then fell apart for reasons that were understandable, and no one's fault, but incredibly frustrating given the way this has been going for the past several months. Wound up spending Sat night at ConTraception (KC's adult relaxacon) hanging with frends, and had a good time. Still frustrated, with no change in that respect in sight.

Actually went out last night to see bands with NPulsifer and Gisele. First time in way too long. All three were good, with their own style. Snake Island, Spindrift and Dead Confederate are all worth checking out. Have some other music.

1) Guttersnipe, Bhi Bhiman

2) Mansford Roof, Vampire Weekend

3) 60 Cycles Numb, King Black Acid and The Womb Star Orchestra

4) 1605 Unfinished Turkey, The Kleptones

5) It's Already True, Weinland

6) and so begins the task, CSNY (Royal Albert Hall 6-1-70)

7) Ophelia, Mark Erelli

8) Christmas Morning, Loudon Wainwright III

9) Always Already Gone, The Magnetic Fields

10) You Done My Brain In, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band


11) Gravity/Falling Down Again/Street Hassle, Alejandro Escovedo

12) Hangers On, Dan Sartain

13) Take Your Time (Coming Home), fun.

And it's everything at once weekend, so up to Lawrence for KanPoly, then back to prepare my special surprise for the KaCSFFS Thanksgiving feast. Once again won't be at Skepticon, damnit.
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It is sometimes tempting to look at these lists as a form of faux divination (note: they are all faux), trying to tease meanings and insights into life and all that from the titles and bands. In this case, several of them could be applied to certain aspects of life at the moment. No, I'm not going to tell which ones.

Obviously, this has been an up-and-down year. The last couple of months have been extremely stressful, what with Rohanna's early retirement and Dragonet's (fortunately short-lived) furlough thanks to the Feral Children in Congress (®Charlie Pierce). We're looking for a more horizontally-organized house, and trying to get this one cleaned up enough to sell. Long-term changes in income mean far less travel and cons for the forseeable future. If we hadn't pre-regged for Contra last year, we wouldn't be going at all. Ro says she has a plan to get us to London, but I find it best to assume that I won't be there, or anywhere else any time soon.

And then, of course, there's my job, which has had the potential of disappearing at any given moment, but is even more precarious due to a change of ownership of the building we're located in. New management has offered us space, but isn't saying how much it will cost after the renovations are done. Given the boss's health issues and the issues involved in moving the equipment and materials, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he decided to just shut it down, which just adds another layer of stress.

There's a whole lot more shit going on in my reality structure, some of which has been very good and very weird at the same time, and other times incredibly frustrating. Getting tired of having to approach everything with the assumption it will go wrong, but it's what I got. So, see if you can figure out which songs might reflect some of my issues (no, #7 is not one of them).

1) This Hotel Room, Steve Goodman

2) Stinking To High Heaven, Laughing Clowns

3) Shake That 50 Cent (50 Cent vs. The Lovemakers), The Lovemakers

4) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Rheostatics-Bourbon Tabernacle Choir

5) The White Cliffs of Dover, Van Morrison (2/15/73, The Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA (late show))

6) Duck Duck Goose (Excerpt), Frank Zappa

7) Santa's Too Fat For the Hula Hoop, The Pixies with Thurl Ravenscroft as Santa Claus*

8) La Luz (Chunky Funky Mix), 808 State

9) Why Can´t We Live Together, Timmy Thomas

10) Blackbird (Rehearsal-Session), The Beatles

but wait

11) Sing, Gongzilla

12) I Choose You, James Pants

13) Good Job With Prospects, The Actress

Will see some of you tonight at Contra, I hope. The weekend has those possibilities looming, to what end (nae) we shall see.

*Alas, not those Pixies
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Or not. Between the heat and very strange dreams, it has not been a restful week at the homestead. Perhaps because of this:

I dreamt last night of a ComicCon-like extravaganza and Neil Gaiman. Who knows. In any event, tunes:

1) Bohemian Like You, The Dandy Warhols

2) Mrs. O'Leary's Cow, Brian Wilson

3) The New Clean Song, Crispin Glover

4) With A Little Energy, Love

5) Yes It Is, The Beatles

6) Heretic Pride, Mountain Goats (2013-06-05 Maxwells Hoboken)

7) When Your Love Falls Down, The Happy Accidents

8) Finn, The Very Sexuals

9) I Love You to Death, The Geez

10) Say Goodbye, Norah Jones

rounding errors

11) Mona Lisa Please, Leon Russell

12) Statuesque, Sleeper

13) Too Many Daves, DylanHearsAWho.com

And off to work, and then it's Everything Happens at Once Day tomorrow! KanPoly in Lawrence, bid planning at NPulsifer's, then the KaCSFFS meeting. At least there'll be lots of beer. Prozac, take me away!
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I typed this last Thursday with the header "Hello, I Must Be Going":

Missed the Random 10+ last week due to attending SoonerCon, which was a fine old time indeed. Hope to post more fully on the subject soon. And there won't be one this week, as the whole family is about to hop in the car and head to Eureka Springs for an actual vacation!

There's another reason, however, for the lack of tunes: the video card in my desktop machine went fan up, and so I do not currently have access to iTunes and its many wonders. A new card is already on the way, thanks to the eBay-fu of Rohanna, so by this time next week we should be back in business.

And I am so happy I have my iPad, which is how I am communicating to you today. Typing all this on my phone would have been difficult at best.

So happy Independence Day everyone. Try not to lose any body parts whilst blowing shit up.

But apparently it didn't take, since I'd never posted here from the pad before. In any event, we enjoyed the vacation, and when we got home, my new video card and 8G of RAM were waiting. So we're back, and here are the tunes.

1) Look Me Over Closely, The White Stripes

2) Becoming A Jackal, Villagers

3) Bathsheba Smiles, Richard Thompson

4) Canyons Of Your Mind, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

5) Moon, Björk (Biophilia Live at Manchester International Festival)

6) One, Aimee Mann

7) Dark Globe, Syd Barrett

8) Flight, Wooden Shjips

9) Victory March, The Vigours\

10) Unless It's Kicks, Okkervil River

and some more

11) Bad Sneakers, Steely Dan

12) The Hole Is Filling In, Marble Vanity

13) The Warmth Of The Sun, The Beach Boys

And so, off to work again, with nothing to do. The weekend will be full of laundry, cleaning, and work on the bid stuff as we get ready for LoneStarCon 3.
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As happens so often, I listened to these this morning, but didn't have time to add all this vitally important blather before I headed to work. So sad. Here's music for a Friday to cheer us all up, maybe.

1) Castles In the Snow, Twin Shadow

2) Just Like A Woman, Calexico & Charlotte Gainsbourg

3) Lungs, Cowboy Junkies (2004-08-30 - Birdie's)

4) Strong The Root (Instrumental), Lamb

5) Hello I Am Your Heart, Dennis Linde

6) My Day, Cosmo Jarvis

7) American Squirm, Nick Lowe

8) I've Got A Feeling, Beatles (Black Album)

9) Blue Driver, Michael Hurley

10) Soul Finger, The Bar-Kays


11) I Took the Moon for a Walk, Mark Erelli

12) Etude No.2 (Superveille) (from Glass Cuts, Philip Glass Remixed), Philip Glass

13) Wait For Me, Elin Ruth

And another reasonably busy week at work. Not enough work to justify being fulltime again, but pretty close some weeks. Next week is Soonercon, in the Greater OKC Tornado Attraction Matrix. Hope to see some of you there. They have me on a pun panel. Whatever could they be thinking?

In other climate news, it's gotten hot again here, so the a/c struggles valiantly to keep it in the low 90s up here during the day.

And because the universe doesn't care, I wasn't able to see the Mountain Goats when they came through town Wednesday. Here's my second-favorite song of theirs, to remind me that life sucks.

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Still attempting to recover from ConQuesT 44. Despite a variety of issues due to the change of hotels (free parking is useless if there isn't any available, oddly enough), had a great time overall, especially hanging out with my new twitter wife [livejournal.com profile] sermelt until all hours. On the negative side, I managed to punch a hole in one of my car's tires, so I am currently driving on the doughnut until I can get that taken care of. And now, some music.

1) Can I Touch You, My Bloody Valentine

2) That's All Right, Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield

3) Every Day is Like Sunday, The Decemberists

4) Here On Earth, Love & Rockets

5) Flashlights, Women

6) White Winter Hymnal, Fleet Foxes

7) Keep Talking, Pink Floyd

8) When The Circus Comes, Los Lobos

9) Wonderboy, The Kinks

10) I Just Sing, The Troggs


11) Stand Up, The Clumsy Lovers

12) Poor Boy (The Greenwood), Electric Light Orchestra

13) Thank You For Sending Me An Angel, Talking Heads

And now, back to work. Jon will be back Tuesday, and roughly normal hours will resume. This weekend's goals: get laundry done, get replacement tire on car, sleep.
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I don't remember if I've done this since Worldcon, and am too lazy to go look. It was a fun couple of weeks out of town, but home and one's own bed and cats are good, too.

For those who haven't been following along on fb and other blathersites, Dragonet got her first prosthetic the day after we got back from Chicago, and has been making great strides (yes, I meant that) in getting used to it. She is very much looking forward to attending Archon for the first time since 2007(?).

In other news, after two weeks of dicking around, competent people came to check out our fridge, and discovered the water was leaking from INSIDE! RUN! Ahem. Between that and a missing foot, Nebraska Furniture Mart decided it was easier to just replace the damned thing. So we has a new fridge, which seems to be working just fine, and putting water into cups, not on the floor.

Sadly, I will not be at FenCon. It was part of the fall plans, but lack of funding will cause changes. Next year for sure!

Otherwise, things progress, sorta kinda. When all else fails, there's always music.

1) Crash Years, The New Pornographers

2) Morgan Freeman's Alleged Relationship With His Step-Granddaughter, Yellow Ostrich

3) fred the fish, Daevid Allen

4) Nothing That I Didn't Know, Procol Harum

5) Unknown Legend, Neil Young (11/15/92 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI)

6) GOOD DRESS, we are smug

7) Maria Christina, Los Lobos

8) Uncle Arthur, David Bowie

9) Down The Road Apiece, The Rolling Stones

10) Morning Beat, Brian Wilson

bonus time!

11) Lemon, U2

12) Ballpark Incident, Roy Wood

13) 'Round Midnight, Miles Davis [Live November 2, 1967 Tivoli Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark]

Got my Kickstarter package from Amanda Fucking Palmer last week, and Theatre Is Evil is an amazing album. I recommend it very highly. Here's the video for "I'm Not the Killing Type," to send you into the weekend.

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Work has slowed to normal speed; I may not even have to go in on Monday. On the one hand, less money, on the other, a day off to recover from Demicon and start cleaning the house for upcoming guest appearances.

Major breakthrough last night: I made a batch of biscuit balls for the KC in 2016 party Saturday night, and Rohanna asked if I was using Scorned Woman hot sauce in them. It's her favorite, but one of the numerous side effects of her cancer treatment was to make her much more susceptible to heat in food, much to her dismay. So I made a batch with spicy sausage, Scorned Woman and Worcestershire sauce for liquid, plus cheese and spices. They turned out very well, with an intense bite to them. I handed Ro one, and she bit off part and chewed, then said "Oh, I've missed that taste so much." Further experiments will follow. And now, the musical interlude:

1) I Just Called To Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder cover), Fleet Foxes Sing*

2) The Madness of Love, Graham Parker

3) Elvis Is Dead, Living Colour

4) Waiting For You, Indigenous

5) I've Heard You're Still Alive, King Black Acid

6) Repeat to Fade, The Shortwave Set

7) Scarification, Maggie Estep

8) Race For The Prize, The Flaming Lips

9) Wait For The Summer, Yeasayer (Live At Ancienne Belgique)

10) Illya Kuryakin Looked At Me, The Jennifers


11) Rednecks, Randy Newman

12) Umbrella (Ft. Jay Z), Rihanna

13) Hey Conductor, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

And now it's off to work, then home to finish throwing things in the van and off to Des Moines for Demicon! Fun fun fun!
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So glad the Chicon 7 (do you have your membership yet? Do it now!) Division Head meeting in Chicago was last weekend, rather than this one. Waking up to -8˚ was bad enough, but no need to add snowy insult to frigid injury (good band name, what do they cover?). Here's some songs to warm us up.

1) The long and winding Road, Air Supply

2) Tyrants, Black Mountain (10/06/07 Le National Montreal Cananda CBC Radio Broadcast)

3) 11 (REM cover), King Creosote & Kid Canaveral

4) Treat Me Right, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (2010-12-28 - Higher Ground Ballroom)

5) Breath Of Crows, Brian Eno

6) She Said, She Said, Robyn Hitchcock & Heavy Friends (Play "Revolver," Three Kings Pub, London, 28-8-2011)

7) Your Gold Teeth II, Rebecka Törnqvist/Sara Isaksson

8) Walking Two By Two, The Strange Boys

9) Don't Fear The Reaper, Unto Ashes

10) Beautiful Thing, Slaid Cleaves

continued on next RWK!

11) Shake Your Pants (Original 12' Club Mix), Cameo

12) Falling Through Your Clothes, The New Pornographers


The press of the weekend and start of con planning precludes the usual Third Saturday trip to Lawrence. First ConQuesT meeting of the year Saturday (I'm not on committee, I don't have to go!), followed by the January KaCSFFS meeting and Annual Chili Cookoff. Sunday the NFL Conference Championship games, without Juicebox Jesus.
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In a few short hours, Rohanna and I will be off to Collinsville, IL for Archon 35. As I still don't have a portable computer, I won't have access to the 29,977 items in my iTunes to provide you, my dozens of readers, the weekly randomness you need. So you get it today, because that's just the giver-goddess kind of guy I am.

1) Lady Jane, Belle & Sebastian

2) The Inside Out, Henry Badowski

3) Loves Me Like A Rock, Paul Simon

4) His & Hers, Rifle Men

5) Cold Morning Light, Todd Rundgren

6) All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem vs. John Cale), DJ Million Dollar Snake Babies

7) This Hotel Room, Steve Goodman

8) Salad Days (Are Here Again), Procol Harum

9) Dizzy, Siouxsie & The Banshees

10) Fuck You, Tristan Clopet

and a few for the road

11) Silence, Takka Takka

12) Revolution 1 (S1 Onto Take 20, Monitor-Mix), The Beatles

13) One Vision, Laibach

And after a brief break to transfer the remains of the homebrewed beer and root beer remaining from Reno so we can serve it at Archon, we're getting ready to pack the car. And off we go!
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Saturday was good. Went to Lawrence for KanPoly, stopped by Brits to see my sister-in-law and pick up supplies, then hit the Free State Brewing Co. for some fresh beer before heading home. That evening was the 40th Anniversary Soíree for the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. I had spent Friday night finishing the special edition of the club 'zine for the occasion, and it turned out pretty well, I thought (though I was reminded afterwards I had forgotten to include the first contribution I had received; this will be rectified with the online version). The Board was kind enough to present me with the first ever Tom Reamy Award for Excellence in Science Fiction Endeavors. I was pleasantly surprised, and deeply appreciative of the recognition.

Sunday a bunch of people went to the Royals game. Whilst there, my phone went off. and it was my old buddy Tim Miller, of FenCon. I could almost hear him, and there was some problem with their program book*, and "Help us, Obi-Paisley, you're our only hope!" I told him I would call back when I got home.

And then began the madness. )
Yes, I am insane. And good. To celebrate, here's some music. I am getting closer and closer to 30K in my iTunes. Thank you again, Parris, for the Shuffle, it has been a brain saver at work.

1) Moanin', Art Blakey

2) Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

3) Patent Trolls, Crystal Swells

4) Front Row, Metric

5) Sparkly, Young Magic

6) Menace, Brian Eno

7) Way Down Now, World Party

8) Angels, Black Mountain (10/06/07 Le National Montreal Cananda)

9) The Attitude Song, Steve Vai

10) Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) (Organized Noize Remix), Janelle Monáe

and then some

11) Drive My Car/The Word/What You're Doing, The Beatles

12) Americano, Leningrad Cowboys

13) Phantom On The Bottom (The Lady Tigra vs. Justice), DJ Paul V.

I must go to a ConQuesT meeting tomorrow to re-acquire the box of books I sent home with John Platt following Renovation, so I know what I don't need to buy at Archon next weekend. Otherwise, after a well over 40 hour week (I am usually doing 28) at work, plus all the other chaos, I hope to do some serious sleeping.

*It should be noted I layed out the FenCon VII program book last year, but I had a whole week to do it.

Road Trip

Jun. 3rd, 2011 06:45 am
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No tunes this week. Off to OKC, for Soonercon. See y'all there, or Monday.
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Last weekend's quiet party in Hutchinson was quite refreshing. It was good to see folks, including Rosemary Swift, who made the trek through the twenty-levety feet of snow in Tulsa (unlike some other residents of that fair city I could name). Got back to work Tuesday (after a lovely birthday dinner for Rohanna with her family at Outback) to find no progress made on the pile of signs for Fish and Wildlife, and of course they had to be done that day. Mission painfully accomplished.

And this weekend is Boskone, and I am not there. After two decades of 8-10 cons a year, this life really sucks. Maybe music will help. Or beer. It's happy hour somewhere, right?

1) 1, 2, 3, Partyy!, Mission Of Burma

2) Tell Yer Mama, Norah Jones

3) I Feel You, Depeche Mode

4) Testimony, The Phenomenal Handclap Band

5) 2000 Light Years From Home, Sky Cries Mary

6) Hotel Arizona, Wilco

7) I've Been Loving You Too Long, Ike Turner & Tina Turner

8) Get Off, The Dandy Warhols

9) Down To You, Joni Mitchell

10) I'm a Vampire (Extended mix), Future Bible Heroes

and we're walking . . .

11) Highway '61 Revisited (Dylan), PJ Harvey

12) Montana, Frank Zappa & The Mothers

13) Sun Hits the Sky, Supergrass

The weekend has many options: Snowflake, the KaCSFFS meeting, KanPoly meetup in Lawrence. But if this cough and slightly sore throat don't go away quickly, all that will pass me by.

On the other tentacle, there are steaks already thawed, and a high of 58˚ for today. The grill is open tonight!

Off We Go

Dec. 2nd, 2010 12:07 am
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to SMOFcon 28, Burning Building Bridges, in lovely San José, CA. Perhaps this time I shall get to see some of the area. Most likely I will not be posting again until Monday, when I return, ideally with some of the fine products of the Stone Brewing Co. to help me through the holidays.

Play nice, everybody.
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The new art show maven for ConQuesT has proposed moving the art auction (currently held at 5p on Saturday) to later in the evening, like after the masquerade (roughly 9p). Have any of you seen this done at other cons, and if so, how did it work for you, whether as consumer or part of the art show workers union?
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I actually did a list last week, but had to rush into work early again and never got around to posting it. Things are back to semi-normal now (i.e., working 4/7 again), so let's see what we get this time.

1) The Connoisseur, The New Amsterdams

2) Stairway To Heaven, Rock Lobsters

3) She Can Be So Cold, Pacewon and Mr. Green ft. The White Stripes

4) Afternoons And Coffeespoons, Crash Test Dummies

5) Wasted (Feat. Plies) (Dirty), Gucci Mane

6) Orion, Rodrigo Y Gabriela

7) Roddy McCorley, Shane MacGowan & The Popes

8) Only, A Beautiful Machine

9) Castles, Doveman

10) Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians, The Sword

And, because too much is not enough:

11) Another Wise Guy, Mojack

12) It Came Out Of The Sky, Creedence Clearwater Revival

13) The Ballad Of Wendell Scott, Mojo Nixon

And of course, since this is the third weekend of the month, everything is happening, and then some. Rohanna is working on and off at Naka-Con today and tomorrow. Saturday brings the annual KanPoly Dim Sum Orgy at Bo Ling's (on the Plaza, 11a!), then the ConQuesT and KaCSFFS meetings. The club meeting is a chocolate special (not a euphemism), to which we plan on bringing a lovely Schadenfreude pie. Nom nom. And off to work I go, alas not so high (nor a ho, so there).

Home again

Dec. 8th, 2009 12:48 am
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Got back here about 8p local time from the 1500 mile round trip to Austin for SMOFcon. I have been catching up on LJ, the news, email and such, and shall endeavour to post tomorrow about the trip and the con and such divertissments as chatting with a Greenpeace proseltyzer, an amazingly expensive paisely shirt, the flagship Whole Paycheck store and the coolest car I've ever seen, not to mention lotsa barbecue.

Maybe soon I'll be tired enough to go to sleep.
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Having swapped days off this week, I have begun a four-day weekend to coincide with our local adult relaxacon, ConTraception. Later than usual this year, but never needed more. And now, on wiith the tunes!

1) He Fiddled While I Burned, Charline Arthur

2) The Future, Leonard Cohen

3) Cold, The Cure, Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

4) Converging In The Quiet, Crystal Stilts

5) zmudowski, dp

6) Mr Soul, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 10/22/86 Fox Theater, St. Louis Soundboard

7) Wednesday's Child, Emiliana Torrini

8) Message To Harry Manback, Tool

9) James Connolly, Black 47

10) Working Class Hero, Marianne Faithfull

Angelina-approved bonus tracks (she's sitting on my lap as I type, so she must like them):

11) Join Me In L.A., Warren Zevon

12) Sea Change, Jeff Parker

13) Ode To The Prostitute, The Bastard Fairies

Final packing left to do, then off to ConTraception. It will be good to see people again. This lack of con activity is getting to be a real pain.

*Quote from song 13, really.
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The announcement is here! Rohanna and I will be attending SmofCon in Austin, Dec. 4-6, thanks to the good offices of NPulsifer. Looking forward to dining at Stubbs and otherwise checking out the island of sanity in the midst of Texas. Hoping to see lots of my tens of readers there.
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So now it's been 31 years since Dragonet and I stood in front of a rural preacher and promised to love and cherish (but not obey) at her parents' home outside Wellsville, Kansas. And here we are.

For dinner we checked out the new Genghis Grill in the Power and Light District downtown. Good variety of meats, seasonings, veggies and sauces. The twist is that when you give your bowl o' goodness to the cook (with the sauce(s) in a separate bowl), they ask which of the available starch options you want. And they have Boulevard Wheat on tap for $3. Afterward, we wandered over to the renovated Hotel President (now a Hilton property), and marveled at how nice it looks, as opposed to how run down it was in 1980 when ConQuesT 1980 was held there.

How rundown was it? Well, the a/c didn't work, we got the elevator operator to stick around by getting him drunk, and the place closed down right after the con for 25 years (not counting its brief use in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Bridge,). On the other hand, I do remember sitting on the fire escape with Dave Wilson making pointed comments to the guys scuttling in and out of the "Magic Touch Massage Parlor" ("Does your mother know you're going in there?" "Stay away from Lurlene, she just got back from the clinic!").

{Edit: Oh, wait, I almost forgot! The Sunday banquet was prepared by the hotel staff, who then walked out, so the concom had to serve the plates. When Pati Taylor went back three weeks later to settle the bill, the plates were still sitting on the tables in the function room, auditioning for Ms. Havisham's wedding}.

Ah, but my favorite memory of that last year there was Saturday morning, when I joined a group at Kate Graf's dealer's table who were talking about "The Empire Strikes Back," which had opened the night before. Someone mentioned the big surprise ending, and without thinking (mainly because I was still enjoying the previous night's imbibing), I said "What, that Darth Vader is Luke's father?"* Everyone looked at me aghast, and someone asked "Did you see it too?" I replied "No, I know bad serial plotting when I hear it. And in the next movie, Leia will be revealed as Luke's mother!" Had I taken a moment to reflect on the apparent ages, I would have gotten that one right, too.

*The first person who says "spoiler!" gets a smack in the head the next time I see them, followed by the comment "Too soon?"

Anyway, happy anniversary, honey. Next year in Australia!


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