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After three days of infusing, Toe of Doom™ II: This Time It's Tarsal looks much, much better. Better than it has in quite a while. It feels better than James Brown. How do you feel? I am still assuming that the Toecapitation will happen, but that 5% chance of it not being done the podiatrist gave me is still in play.

As for work, I talked to the boss about the holiday schedule, and barring a sudden influx of work, my last day will the the 24th, leaving four days to obsess about this and post crap here, there, and everywhere about it. This is far less of an issue than the triple bypass, but for that I had very little time to think about it (and I think they were slipping me some happy juice while I was in CICU all weekend). So this is how I deal with it, by overloading you, my tens of followers, with my thoughts, such as they are.

But it is the holiday season, and to kick off the countdown of the greatest songs of the Xmahannukwanzule, here is a classic.

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Missed the Random 10+ last week due to attending SoonerCon, which was a fine old time indeed. Hope to post more fully on the subject soon. And there won't be one this week, as the whole family is about to hop in the car and head to Eureka Springs for an actual vacation!

There's another reason, however, for the lack of tunes: the video card in my desktop machine went fan up, and so I do not currently have access to iTunes and its many wonders. A new card is already on the way, thanks to the eBay-fu of Rohanna, so by this time next week we should be back in business.

And I am so happy I have my iPad, which is how I am communicating to you today. Typing all this on my phone would have been difficult at best.

So happy Independence Day everyone. Try not to lose any body parts whilst blowing shit up.


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