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about 20 miles back and is still going. Just amazing. They have an album coming out next month. Must have.

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Nice use of found instruments, including ice bucket, salt shaker and Perrier bottle. Don't miss the hot hair dryer action!

Nicked from Brad DeLong.
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One of the many sources of the tunes I download is a wonderful site called Daytrotter. These amazing folks operate a studio in Rock Island, IL, and it has become a must-stop destination for musicians, who pause long enough to record four-song sets, which are posted daily. We're talking all genres, all styles. Just amazing stuff.

The post for February 14, 2011 features Van Dyke Parks. It's an incredible set, and wel worth signing up with the site to download.

Be sure to check out the archives. You won't regret it.
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Yesterday afternoon I got a call from work (my tens of readers will recall I am back on part time duty, and Monday is my day "off"). It was Jon, calling on behalf of the boss, who was already at home. Darrell wanted me to know he wasn't going to try to get in before 10a if the weather was bad in the morning. Jon said he was probably going to ride in with his girlfriend, who has a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

This morning I got up at my usual 6a, and when I went out to get the paper, found that no new precipitation had occurred overnight. Rohanna headed in to work at her usual time (7.30), and by then it had been snowing since the top of the page and the roads and such were lightly covered in powder.

At just before 10a, I left the house, fired up my car, cleared it off (an inch or so of snow at that point) and drove to work. THe roads weren't bad, and largely devoid of other vehicles. When I got to work, I was not at all surprised to find no one else there. I decided to deal with the work left over from Monday, which took about 3 hours. I called Darrell's cell, and got his voicemail. I let him know what the situation was, and left my number so he can let me know if we are not working tomorrow.

The trip home wasn't bad at all, save for one intersection where the city trucks had plowed down one side of the divided cross street, then pivoted gracefully in the intersection to go back the other direction, leaving a large berm of snow across the north-south lanes. The highlight of the trip, however, was when the local "alternative" station (it's part of Entercom, and so about a year behind on the good stuff, when it does manage to find it) played this (can't seem to embed it, alas).

I have now had a bowl of chicken noodle soup (made with our own chicken stock, plus garlic and ancho) and two slices of sourdough bread with butter and Boursin garlic cheese (all ingredients from Costco) and a glass of Arcadia Nut Brown Ale. I think I am about ready to go out and clear the deck (not a euphemism) and stairs. Fortunately, this is more of the dry, light snow we had the last time.
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Another cold and dreary morning after a great evening catching the Brave Combo Holiday Show. Definitely worth checking out if they're coming to your neck of the woods (St. Louis tonight, Chicago on Saturday). Perhaps some music will improve my mood.

1) Slip And Slide, American Gypsy

2) Everybody's Hurting, Jakob Dylan

3) The Overload, Talking Heads

4) Land Of Magic, F.D. Project

5) Rockin' The Bronx, Black 47

6) Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves), David Crosby

7) (Crazy For You) But Not That Crazy, James Eric

8) Legend, Nelly Furtado

9) Ab-C-Def-Ghi, Rights Reserved

10) Flash Light, Parliament

And we're rocking . . .

11) Is It Like Today?, Eliza Gilkyson

12) Prescription Love, The Flaming Lips (07/29/87 Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill NC)

13) What Have I Done To Deserve This?, Pet Shop Boys

Well that last one is certainly apposite, innit? KanPoly in Lawrence and then the KaCSFFS meeting, with a possible trip to Weston to catch the Kelihans. A busy Saturday. Good thing I'll have two days off to recover.
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Thank you, NPulsifer, for dinner and a lovely evening at Davey's enjoying the Brave Combo Holiday extravaganza. As always, they provided a high-energy show, this time full of unique takes on holiday classics ("Winter Wonderland" as a stripper song, anyone?). If you are in the St. Louis area, catch them tomorrow at the Casa Loma Ballroom. Chicagoans, hie thee hence to Fitzgerald's on Saturday for the best show you will see anytime soon.

And remember to ask the bass player if it's true he was rescued from a gig in a Mister Mister cover band.

Do it, damnit!
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30 years. Fuck. Just fuck.

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but I love this song.

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Started Saturday earlier than I wanted to, in part by not being sleepy enough to make going to bed worthwhile until 3a. Got back up at 9, and helped Dragonet deliver a table to Kalimeg. In the afternoon, we all went out to the ConTraception 22 meeting. I nearly overdosed on the schadenfreude as Ralphie and I watched Nebraska put 24 points on his beloved Tigers in the first quarter. He'd done a complete Kübler-Ross by the time the second quarter had started. Fascinating to witness.

After stopping to check on some friends' cats (the friends were in DC, the bums), Rohanna and I headed out for dinner (at Sabor y Sol, nummy as always), and then to the Sprint Center to see Roger Waters and associates perform "The Wall." Rather than spend $15 for parking, I dropped Ro off and drove to my workplace and parked there. A brisk six-block walk later I made my way through the masses queued up for the obligatory security check (metal detector, but no wands this time) and made it to my seat well before the show began.

And what a show. )I left Ro to use the facilities and make her way to the street at her leisure, and went to get the van, thence to pick her up. As I was walking along 13th Street I noticed a group of people in superhero costumes coming towards me. Most of them were standard-issue outfits: Superman, Bat-Man, Wolverine, the usual. But the two at the front of the group were the ones that caught my eye. It was none other than the Ambiguously Gay Duo! I cracked up, and made my way to their side of the street to offer my applause and congratulations. They seemed pleased I had recognized them.

All in all, a wonderful night an a great show. If you have a chance to see it, I urge you do do so. I just wish I could take a week and see all the shows in London, as that is the most likely place for David Gilmour to make his promised appearance to perform on "Comfortably Numb." Lucky bastards.
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Last night Rohanna and I were watching tv, and something came up that was happening on October 30th. She expressed some interest in it, and I mentioned we were booked that evening.

"What's going on then?" she asked, then paused, and said (and I quote) "Oh, is that the John Waters concert?'"

When I could breathe again, I corrected her (Roger, not John), but allowed as how John Waters performing "The Wall" would certainly be special.
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And apropos of nothing at all, something from VerminusRex*

*Not Safe for Monitors (or other lizards)
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in 1962, Telstar 1 was launched, allowing television transmissions to be beamed around the world! The world's greatest kazoo song was written to commemorate this world-changing event. The song was the first British single to top the Billboard charts.

The second-greatest kazoo song is, of course, the Cantina Song from Star Wars.

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Friday: at work from 9a until almost 7p, raced home to meet with the gang to see Tool. Show: awesome, as always. Bonus points for a decent opening act (what I saw/heard of them, due to the length of the lines to get in through the metal detector*/wand stop at the doors). Last time it was Meshuggah, which is apparently Finnish for Suck (Eric fell asleep during their performance). Got home and to bed by midnight.

Saturday: Up as 6a, and off to work to do a bunch of rush crap for, you guessed it, Ha//mark (when you don't care enough to get your end of the production cycle done on time, but still want your crap done by the original deadline, or even sooner on 24 hours notice). 6.75 hours later, home for a shower, then off to Lawrence to drop the Story in a Bottle™ off with McKitterick for the Campbell Conference next month. Quick stops at Brits and Free State, then home via NFM (Ro bought a table for her boss at work there, and was unwilling to pay the $51 delivery fee to their office in Grandview on a $109 table, so we picked it up on the way home). Brief nap, then I grilled steaks for dinner and we watched the rebroadcast of the Royals-Cards game (we lost, 5-2, damnit/we won 5-2, yay!**). Having caught up on LJ and email, time for bed.

Tomorrow: not a damned thing on the schedule, and beef short ribs in the crockpot for dinner.

*Though some would consider this redundant, I consider Tool more post-industrial psychedelic rock than metal.

**Yes, I am both a Royals and Cardinals fan. The '85 World Series was a bit complex for me
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That I am the only person in the KC metro area who was here tonight and will be here tomorrow.

Culture shock? More like culture whiplash. And "Little House" was actually quite entertaining. Thanks to Smofbabe's brother Jerry for the tix.
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On March 28, 1930, the capital of Turkey was officially renamed Istanbul Sooooooo.....

Well, poop on a stick, as Conbarbie would say. YouTube doesn't seem to have the original video for "Istanbul, not Constantinople" anywhere, so here's the Tiny Toons version.

Edit: Saved by Smofbabe! Here is the original in all its glory! Thanks!


Feb. 6th, 2010 07:34 pm
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What was the #1 song on the date of your birth? Google it and post the results, they said. All the cool kids are doing it, they said. Toss in some YouTube, even!

The double A-side single "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog," by Elvis Presley was in the middle of a month and a half run as the Number 1 single in the US. Thankfully, by the time I began to pay attention to radio, it was just in time for the British Invasion and Motown to save music from Elvis, Pat Boone and the hell that was the late '50s, musically.

Hre's my favorite cover of "Don't Be Cruel, by Cheap Trick.

Bun E. Carlos FTW!

And here's Big Mama Thornton (the firt artist to record the original Leiber & Stoller version of "Hound Dog"), with Buddy Guy:

Sweet. Now it's your turn.
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I have been remiss in my posting, and there have been so many interesting things to talk about, like driving in the Stephen King-quality fog up to Lawrence last weekend (the road was fine, but there was nothing but white right up to the edges of the highway), watching KU finally wake up and beat Nebraska with NPulsifer (got to taste Magic Hat #9; the description of it as a "Not Quite Pale Ale" is very much correct) and other adventures. But the biggest story, of course, was getting Dragonet her new laptop Tuesday. She is so happy. It's a good thing.

But while I was at Nebraska Furniture Mart picking it up, I got myself a 1T LaCie external hard drive. It was the only one that specifically said on the box that the backup included had a Mac version. Got it set up, partitioned and the initial backup done that night. Wednesday evening, before I went to NPulsifer and Gisele's place to watch KU play Baylor, I began the process of transferring the 105G of tunes on my machine to their new home on the 681G partition. That process continued until this afternoon, almost 48 hours. Obviously, I need to get a USB 2.0 card for my machine. This looks like it will do the job, just need to scrape the shekels together.

The weekend promises a distinct lack of required activities, which is a nice change of pace. Sunday will be spent watching the conference championship games. I am definitely rooting for Nawlins to finally put a stake through Brett Favre's heart (re: last week's NO/AZ playoff game, once again Kurt Warner comes to the Big Easy looking for football glory, only to have his BFF Jesus desert him come game time to spend the day in the French Quarter turning water into Hurricanes*). It's the other game I am conflicted about. I would have no problem sending Peyton and the Colts home, but I really don't want to encourage the spawn of noted sociopath and former coach Buddy Ryan. But then, I remember that GRRM is a Jets fan, and his team making the Super Bowl would make him deliriously happy.

*Note to Smofbabe: the drink, not the U.
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What, you're celebrating something else? Whyever would you do that?

Rohanna was kind enough to test the roads for us this morning. She left around 6a to join her family. I had just gone back to sleep when her phone went off. By the time I found it, it had stopped ringing, but I was able to see it was her daughter calling. As I sat on the bed with the phone, Ro herself walked in, having made it around the block and, noticing she had forgotten her phone, tried to come back and wound up leaving the van at the foot of the drive. She called her daughter, who said to stay home, as no one else was going to make it, so we went back to sleep.

I got up at 9.40, and went out to survey the damage. We got 8" or so here, with drifts well over a foot. Mine, mostly, as I did some cleanup in the driveway and on the street in front of my car. Dragonet called her mom, and it was decided we'd go up and do the family thing there on Sunday. After a lovely breakfast of scrach-made waffles and bacon, we did our minimalist gift exchange and have been hanging around here trying to get warm all day. The lack of heat on the upper floors has become somewhat more severe due to the lowered temperatures here. Tomorrow it's dim sum!

And in honor of the birth of Ireland's greatest singer, songwriter and refugee from dental justice, three songs: the obvious MacGowanmas classic, and two of my favorite Pogues songs of all.

This one goes behind teh cut, for the children. Also, lyrics in case your Shane to English translator is not working. )

So a happy Krimble to all, and to all a good night.

(edited to spell MacGowan correctly. I need more whisky)
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The alarm didn't go off at 7, and though I only slept for another 10 minutes, I was running behind this morning, so the songs got listened to, I just didn't have time to post them. Anyway, here ya go:

1) The Sun Is Shining Down, JJ Grey & Mofro

2) Shakin' All Over, The Jet Black Berries

3) J.R., New World

4) Devil In Her Heart (Live On The BBC), The Beatles

5) Oviedo, Blind Pilot

6) Black Steel (Public Enemy), Tricky

7) evil side, michal lotan

8) Suspect Device, Stiff Little Fingers

9) Trust, The Pretty Things

10) I'm the Man, General Caine

And the ever-popular more:

11) Halazium, ZeniX

12) Whispering, The Majestic Twelve

13) Cancel The Day, The Easy Tigers

The business survived the first week without Chuckles, and even got a bunch of stuff done, in particular work for Ha//m@rk for their big trade show display of next year's stuff. At last, they have made something I want: a plush Adam, aka Frankenstein's monster*, wearing a paisley vest. But there could be more fun: apparently, some muckey-muck looked at the products we had run, and said "I thought these colors were going to be more pastel," and, when told that it had been decided to go with brighter colors for the backgrounds, announced that he wanted pastels and they'd have to be run again. Of course, Ha//m@rk is desperately trying not to have to pay for their error, and I have no illusions that our douche canoe of a sales dweeb won't screw this up somehow and wind up costing us money, because that's how he rolls.

He also rolls like this: at 3p, the boss stomped out, saying Herb (not his real name, but he does remind me of Mr. Tarleck, though without the clothing sense) was on his way back and I should check the email on the off chance something came in. Herb walked in a few minutes later, and immediately ensconced himself on the only available computer with teh intarwebs. I wandered back a couple of times and had him check the email, and he was putzing around on Craigslist as he often does when the boss is gone. At 4.30, however, when I walked back to have him check one last tiem, he was looking at a page of pr0n links, with no attempt to hide it, or even the grace to be embarrassed. I guess now that Chuckles is gone, and no one else is back there, he'll be cruising away.

Now, the boss is very anal (not a euphemism, insofar as I know) about the web use at work, and has been known to monitor the activity from home. So I am mentioning this both as an amusing anecdote, and to document the situation should any questions arise. I have no plans on bringing it to the boss's attention, but if he asks me about it, I will tell him exactly what happened. And probably use the bottle of hand sanitizer more often when Herb's been on the computer.

Tomorrow is the monthly KanPoly meetup at Wheat State Pizza at 23rd & Louisiana in Lawrence, and the KaCSFFS Xmas party in the evening at the Writers Place in Kansas City. Both are open to the public, so drop by if you get the chance. Sunday we will go to the Film Cadets outing to Avatar, since the Chefs game is blacked out due to some kind of mercy rule, I think.
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The Reason For the Season )

Hope everyone had a fun, filling and safe day today. Enjoy the long weekend, you lucky bastards; I have to go back to work tomorrow.


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