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On the plus side, my car is once again conventionally functional, after the usual oddities. Last Friday I had two repair places giving me estimates on replacing the steering column and the passenger side mirror (fixing the damage from the second time it was stolen last summer). One told me they could get a column and fix it on Saturday, so they won. Then it turned out the salvage yard wasn't open Saturday, so it would be Monday. Fine, no prob.

Saw the podiatrist for Toe of Doom 2: This Time It's Tarsal™, Monday, and since I was in a hurry, he was running way behind. Got done (it's doing fine, but not fully healed yet), raced down to the Firestone on Truman to drop off the car, then walked over to Grand to catch a bus to work. Yes, Monday is normally my off day, but there was a lot of stuff to get done, so extra hours.

About 3p, I called to see how things were going, and was told the parts were there and they would be working on it shortly and it would be done by the end of the day. Shortly thereafter, they called back to say that the steering column they had been sent was stripped out where the steering wheel was connected, and the salvage yard would be sending a good one over on Tuesday. Somehow, this did not surprise me.

Tuesday I caught the bus again, and waited and waited to hear. Finally I called, and was told the replacment column was in, and good, and they would be getting the car into the bay shortly. At 5p, they called to say it was done! Dragonet picked me up at work and dropped me off to get the car, which now can be started with a key*, not a screwdriver, like real cars! And has mirrorz! To celebrate this, and topping 47k in iTunes, here's this week's random selections.

1) Rural Explosion, Mojack

2) The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, Oxford Collapse

3) Lady Love, Mike Mains & The Branches

4) The Stone That Speaks, Deadline

5) Porcelain (Force Mass Motion Remix), Moby

6) Bell Tower (Bleek Mix), Two Twins

7) Marlene, Todd Rundgren

8) Upside Down, Bruce Haack And Esther Nelson

9) Moves, The New Pornographers

10) Emancipated Minor, Ani Difranco

and then

11) Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) (Club Edit), Yeah Yeah Yeahs

12) Step Aside, Dead Models

13) Bricks, Hurray For The Riff Raff

Another busy weekend. Rohanna and D2 are heading to St. Louis for Joseph Felknor's graduation shindig, while I stay here and go to the KaCSFFS meeting (it's a picnic, kinda! Indoors! The Writers Place, Valentine and Pennsylvania, KCMO! 6:30! Come on by!), then help out with the Campbell Conference afterparty on Sunday. Should actually have Monday off to start prepping for Soonercon.

*When the mechanic gave me my keyring back, I asked which of the keys on it was the new ignition key, and he looked at me and with a straight face said "Oh, you wanted a key!" then laughed. Came close to going over the counter.
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Spent a good chunk of the day going through boxes of old 'zines for the upcoming KaCSFFS 40th Anniversary Extravaganza next month. Among the finds was a copy of the (incorrectly labeled) 7th editof the "Neo-Fan's Guide to Science Fiction Fandom" by Bob Tucker. what made it special was it was signed by Bob. After a certain amount of soul searching, I decided to add it to the items up for auction at the club meeting.

When I got there, I was amused to find that Ken had brought a copy of the revised version of that edition, also signed by Tucker. Neither of those sold, but a cd of an interview of Bob conducted by KC critic John Tibbetts in 1984 went for $100.

The highlight of the evening was the art show, featuring works by Rachel Mayo, Jan Gephardt, Signy Gephardt, Bev Hale and Allison Stein. Dane Grannon had copies of his new book "Lucky Streak" there, as well.

Hope as many people as possible will make it to the 40th Anniversary shindig at the Writer's Place on September 17th. It will be a good time. Buy your ticket at the link by August 21, or something like that.

the food theme was cupcakes, and Sherri Dean channeled some monstrous love child of Elvis and John Scalzi to produce Bacon and Egg cupcakes. The egg part was a yellow and white frosting/sugar concoction, but there was real bacon on top, and bacon syrup in the frosting. Nom nom!

After all was said and done, I wound up walking home, all of 10 minutes away. Tomorrow will be devoted to getting everything ready for Reno.

*After it was printed, Ken Keller found out there had been a an earlier edition, which threw the numbering off)
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Went to bed at 12.30a, after reading an incredible story by Peter Watts from the latest issue of Clarkesworld Magazine. (link via Making Light). Go, read, I'll wait.

Early leader in the clubhouse for the 2011 Hugos, am I right?

So once I went to bed, I lay in agony for a couple of hours before giving up and putting the knee brace back on. Knee brace, you say? Why yes, thank you for asking. Monday evening the back of my left knee began prooduucing a stabbing pain in a line down the back of the knee, pretty much centered, when I tried to bend or straighten it out. By morning, the knee was somewhat swollen and did not want to bend much at all. I made it through the day at work, and after several extremely cranky rotations through sitting, standing and moving around and back to sitting, it seemed to be better-ish, though by the time I got home it was swollen to approximately 150% of the size of the other one.

Yesterday, before I left, Rohanna dug up her old knee brace and I wore it for the day. It seemed to keep things in place and under control, while providing me slightly more mobiility than Chester had in "Gunsmoke." I took it off briefly when I got home, and discovered the pain was concentrated in the upper left quadrant of the knee (possibly in part muscle pain due to the knee parts being forced into unaccustomed positions by the brace [my kneecaps are rotated 55˚ along the vertical axis congenitally, and everything else is screwed up trying to keep them in place]).

So, back to this morning. The pain was terrible, so I finally put the brace on and kind of dozed while uncomfortably laying (lying? recllining?) on my back until 6a, when I got up, bundled up, and went out to shovel the snow. The tracks I had scraped out for the cars in the driveway had com[pletely filled up, though some of that could have been due to the vivacious north wind that made the ambient temperature of 5˚ that much more refreshing.

And now I am typing this while trying to find a comfortable position at the desk. Not looking forward to going bck downstairs to take my shower and head off to work (must go, it's payday, such as it is). So if any of you in my tens of readers happen to about knees, please feel free to let me know just how totally fucked I am here. Thanks.


Dec. 16th, 2009 12:01 am
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First, the good news: Joe Haldeman is named SFWA Grandmaster.

In other news, Tulsa, Oklahoma's most famous professional liar and fleecer of widows, orphans and the generally gullible, Oral Roberts, has died, some 25 years after he held himself hostage and demanded $8 million to keep God from killing him. The cash was not forthcoming, but Roberts was later found dumped by the side of the road in Sapulpa, none the worse for his hostage experience, save for an inability to properly judge the height of his kidnappers.

I was making buttons back then, and the "I Helped Oral Robert$ Die!" button was my best-seller, by far. I kept making a bunch, and they would immediately sell out. I was unable to keep the stock up enough to mail a batch to Bob Hise, who was living in Tulsa at the time, alas.

Bob did take Dragonet and I on a tour of the ORU campus, aka Six Flags Over Jesus, after OKon one year. It looked like someone had taken a bunch of architects, pumped them full of acid and locked them in separate rooms with some drafting paper and told them to draw a building. It's just a bizarre mix of styles and designs.

Oral is survived by his brother, Anal (thank you, Joe Bob Briggs). One less scumbag preying on the desperate. So many still around, alas.
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Clarkesworld Magazine, that is. Nominee for Best SemiProzine, and chock full o' sf goodness. The latest issue is available here.

Am I pointing this out to you, my hordes of fans and admirers who want to touch my clothes, out of the goodness of my heart? Not exactly. They're running a contest, and giving away books. Details at the site.

Go, read! Fly, my pretties!
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A wonderful little sf short-short that makes so much sense.


Via http://kenmacleod.blogspot.com/. If you're not reading Ken MacLeod, you're not paying attention.
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A wonderful little sf short-short that makes so much sense.


Via http://kenmacleod.blogspot.com/. If you're not reading Ken MacLeod, you're not paying attention.


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