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Happy Birthday to Neil Young, who turns 65 today. Maybe some of his work will turn up in today's mix. Let's see, shall we?

1) City of New Orleans, Steve Goodman

2) Alone Again, Tok Tok Tok

3) Ugly Boy, The Cuties

4) What She Turned Into, Retribution Gospel Choir

5) Beautiful, Bill Frisell

6) The Nightfly, The Donald Fagen Band (03/13/06 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada)

7) Faith, Hope And Charity; Fun Boy Three

8) Umbrella, Mechanical Bride

9) So Come Back, I Am Waiting; Okkervil River

10) The Search Within (Interlude), Sean Jones

and boom goes the dynamite:

11) Dirty Rain, Turnpike Glow

12) Your Racist Friend, TMBG

13) Sun King, Gomez

Got my paycheck yesterday, as per the usual schedule, but of course I coudln't do anything with it, thanks to the banks being closed. So ther will be extra running around added to getting everyone and everything out to the hotel for ConTraception. I will be heading there after work, and needing to party.

On other fronts, the Toe of Doom is on hold for the moment. I see the podiatrist Tuesday morning, and we'll see about getting the Toecapitation scheduled, ideally sooner rather than later. I would prefer to have some mobility for SMOFcon.

As for Marge, Rohanna's mom, she has had a couple of setbacks of late, and is back in the hospital. The immediate issue is being addressed, and she was feeling better last night.


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