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The Toecapitation® has been put on hold for now. Not due to things getting better per se, but the fact that the podiatrist told me Tuesday that I would be recuperating for six weeks following the carrying out of the sentence, as in not working. Or getting paid. Which isn't an option at the best of times, and certainly not going into the holiday season.

So I will be on the super-duper-not-bothered-by-alcohol-consumption* antibiotic for at least six weeks (two down as of tomorrow). Dr Driks has generously offered to provide me with oral (not a euphemism, or an establishment of religion) antibiotics for the trip to San Jose for SMOFcon, so I don't have any reason to upset the fine minimum wage workers at the TSA Scope 'n' Grope emporium. Other than my "Touch My Junk and I'll Have You Arrested" t-shirt, boxers, thong, socks and tie, appearing soon on CafePress if there is any justice at all. Maybe I'll make some buttons.

In the meantime, another egg every day. And the Toe of Doom™ does seem slightly better. The hole in the front of the toe has healed up, and it only rarely hurts. Still swollen, and red/gray in color. At some point this will happen, but not for now. Ain't health care wonderful?

Oh, and I got the bill for the insertion of the PICC line today. $2900 and change. The ultrasound to see what they were doing cost almost as much as the surgery. Good thing I have insurance. Of course, if I didn't, I'd be out there with the hedge trimmers and the brulée torch.

*The only alcohol-related warning concerning Invanz I could find was the old "may make you drowsy, alcohol can exacerbate this" crap.
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