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Friday again, and of course a metric(1) shitload of work awaits me, because the guy whose "day off" is today couldn't be bothered to get his shit together and get things done so they could be finished off yesterday. but music will make me feel better about it, as well as the whole Sir Sidney Ponson as fourth starter thing, right?

1) It's A Sweet Ghost Party, team9 vs. Stereogum

2) Natalies for Glasses II (Yesterday I Found a Needlessly Long List of All the Obvious Pros and Masochistic Cons of Never Seeing You Girls Again I Made In One of My Old Notebooks, Realised How Stupid Making That List Was, and Gained Confidence to Slow Down., Shorthand Phonetics

3) Urami-Bushi, Meiko Kaji

4) Dick Around, Sparks

5) Jimmy Leans Back, King Britt

6) Seismic waves travelling through, Mandelbrot Set

7) I Am The Walrus, Oingo Boingo (Farewell: Live From The Universal Amphitheatre, Halloween 1995)

8) Id Engager (Mad Decent Remix), Of Montreal

9) Disorder In The House, Warren Zevon

10) Car On A Hill, Joni Mitchell

And some bonus tunes as we anxiously await opening day:

11) Steadier Footing, Death Cab For Cutie

12) Tango #3, Determination For Rosa Parks, The Lounge Lizards

13) Book Of Liars, Walter Becker

In honor of Richard Thompson's 60th birthday today, one of his performances from the "1000 Years of Popular Music" show:

The weekend calls, and some fun stuff might happen. Tomorrow, for those in the KC metro area, the Nelson-Atkins Museum is opening up their current exhibit, From the Land of the Taj Mahal: Paintings for India's Mughal Emperors in the Chester Beatty Library for a free viewing, along with Indian music and dance performances, and, from 2.45-3.45p, food and drink samples. Inasmuch as my company made the large signs for this exhibit, I have an extra interest in checking this out.

Sunday the Royals are having an open house at the newly-renovated Kauffman Stadium (weather and/or work stoppages notwithstanding), which I'd also like to check out, since I have no idea when I'll actually get to see a game there. Of course, Rohanna is really jonesing for a game, since she didn't make it out there at all last year, due to that whole cancer thing. I did mention she is offically cancer-free, right?

Monday NPulsifer and I will be heading to a sports bar to be determined for Opening Day festivities (the Royals are in Chicago [predited high 35˚, 30% chance of precipitation; perfect baseball weather]). When we know where we're going, I'll post it in various venues so others who feel like skipping work can join us in cheering the home team on to victory, or something that smells like it.

(1) Science, Bitchez!
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