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And the rollercoaster ride continues. I was all ready to get the PICC line installed this morning, but yesterday at 4.30p my contact for that called to say the insurance drones (yo, actual death panels, motherfuckers!) had denied it. No reason, but the one that immediately sprang to mind was that I had blown out my deductibles already this year, and they wanted their tithe.

So this morning I called my podiatrist's office to have them re-up the amoxycillin scrip, so I had something fighting the (not Scott) Staph infection until the Toecapitation. Then, about 2p, I got a call from my contact saying that the UnHumanans had decided I could have the PICC line after all. But not the preferred antibiotic to go in it, which is dispensed once a day. Noooooo, I have to do this three times a day, which means one infusion at work for this week and next.

In any event, I will be heading out to Lee's Summit tomorrow to get a tube run up my arm so liquid antibiotics can be dumped directly in my bloodstream on a thrice-daily basis. I do love the future. Insurance companies can die in a fire. Onward.

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Date: 2014-12-17 03:40 am (UTC)
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Those thrice-daily infusions remind me of Torcon III. Catherine Crockett had to go to the hospital every 8 hours for IV antibiotics. In between infusions, she ran the fan lounge. I dropped her off and the hospital at something around 3am one night. We'd left the Royal York to pick up the ConJose Thank You Party supplies I'd shipped to her and Colin's house. The whole thing was surreal.

The real problem (among oh, so many) is that the insurance model doesn't map to human health. We need health care, not health insurance. The money needs to be going to health care providers, equipment makers, and, yes, even pharmaceutical companies, much though a lot of that model is broken, too. It doesn't need to be going into insurance company profits.

Yeah, I know. Grandpa already knows how to suck eggs. Preaching to the member of the choir who's having to deal with so-called health insurance companies in addition to the very real life shit of the infection is perhaps less helpful than I wish to be.

Do love your subject line. So seasonal. So perfect. Especially the parenthetical!


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