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Well, that was an interesting trip around the sun. Still trying to get closed on the new house, but at this point I am doubting it will happen (the FHA people don't like my paystubs, still). We shall see, like so many things. Onward. To start the year, I am at 59,217 items in my iTunes, up from 42,796 at the start of last year. I need a bigger backup drive, stat. So here's a small sample of the whole.

1) Halloween [1981], The Misfits

2) Through The Wall, Bobs

3) (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes, Hem

4) If I Had A Boat, Lyle Lovett

5) Tear Stained Letter, Richard Thompson (Fat Fry in California 9-28-96)

6) Mystery Dance, Elvis Costello (8/23/80, Heat Wave Festival)

7) Happy Thursday I Love You, Frank Bango

8) Universal Corner, X

9) The Dog Breath Variations, Frank Zappa

10) So Ben Mi Ch'a Bon Tempo, Richard Thompson


11) Ocean Colour Resurrection, The Plimptons

12) Mystery Dance, Justine Bateman & The Mystery

13) Judy Is Your Viet Nam, TMBG

And we will crunch through the light snow from Wed night to work. Hoping it warms up enough that we can use the washer, rather than having to endure the laundromat again. One way or another, clothes must be cleaned. And one last (probably) gathering at the OC Saturday afternoon, to see if the Chiefs can keep their season going. All in all, a much better season than 2-14 last year. How soon until pitchers and catchers report (not a euphemism)?
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