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Welcome once again to Friday the 13th that comes on a Friday (©Pogo)! Ten days on antibiotics have brought Toe of Doom 2 back under control, though the damage to the digestion will last a bit longer, as usual.

As for my car, the $600-700 price tag replace the heater core, combined with the further corrosion of the right front wheel have led to the inevitable conclusion that I won't have a car of my own anytime soon. It'll go off to the knackers sometime this week.

In house-related news, our offer has been accepted, and Rohanna has been running around like crazy trying to get all the paperwork together for the loan company. Part of the rush has been the desire of the seller (Sisters of St. Joseph of C@rondelet) to get the property off their books by the end of the year, which involves cramming six weeks worth of activity into four or fewer. She and I had a talk Wed. night, and we have decided that if Baby Jesus doesn't get a check for Christmas, that's not our problem. Ro is much calmer now.

In other festive news, Dragonet has been going through training to prepare for the coming tax season for the last two weeks, and was informed yesterday that all of the seasonal employees are being furloughed as of today. No idea when she will be called back. Thanks so much. Have some non-holiday based music.

1) Poisoning the Well, Matthew Perryman Jones

2) Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who (Bridge Concert 1999)

3) Globe of Frogs, Robyn Hitchcock (2010-06-11 - The Drake)

4) Light Pollution, Delay Trees

5) Through My Sails, Soulsavers

6) Dreamer, Ry Cooder

7) Thief, The Ozone Quartet

8) What She's Done To Your Mind, Rain Parade

9) Three Ten Ten, The Last Round

10) More Money, Barry Reynolds


11) Morning Mr Magpie, Radiohead

12) Rogue Wave, The Madeira

13) Sunshine Blues, Bahamas

Tomorrow we go to the new place to measure rooms and start thinking about what goes where and how to make this madness work. Be nice if something would go right, just for a change.
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Happy Friday the 13th, all! Last one for this year. Had an off week last time, but back and more or less getting better. So here's some tunes.

1) Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Smiths

2) I Listen to Coffee All Day, Bee vs. Moth

3) gamelan gabor #2, bali

4) Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes

5) Bob & Nico, The Lounge Lizards

6) Both Sides Now, Judy Collins

7) Happy Together, Mel Tormé

8) My Gold's Bangla, Sauna Youth

9) David Comes To Life, Fucked Up

10) The Fiddler, Ricky Jay & Richard Greene

and the rest

11) christopher robin, moonboots

12) 2, Fushitsusha

13) Greenwich, To Rococo Rot

Off to work. Probably the KaCSFFS meeting Sat., then a couple of birthday-related activities Sunday. Onward!
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Welcome, triskadekaphiles! Having survived the trip to Minicon and back, we're here once again spinning the hits (and misses, when they show up). Minicon was fun, if exhausting even without the drive (first con in six months; gotta get back in con shape). Having headed north last Thursday evening with a full vehicle, we crossed the Minnesota border at 2a and found our overnight crash space in Ottawana.

The next morning, I was reading the local free paper and the big story was the upcoming Easter egg hunt put on by a local church. Apparently last year 10K eggs weren't enough, so they had arranged for 50,000 eggs for this year's event. For a city of 25,000. Additionally, the church was bringing in a special guest speaker for the Easter service: Stephen Baldwin. Scary stuff.

On the way up, we stopped for dinner at the only non-fast food we could find open, an Applebee's just off I-35 in the northeast corner of the Des Moines metroplex. Our server was wearing a shirt promoting Peace Tree Brewing. The Rye Porter was very tasty indeed, and a side trip to the brewery in Knoxville in the near future will be in order. But now, the tunes.

1) Space Oddity, Belle & Sebastian

2) Back On The Street, Hawkwind

3) The Polka Polka, Mojo Nixon

4) Pull Up To The Bumper, Grace Jones

5) Hydrological Cycle, Half-handed Cloud

6) So What, Larry Carlton

7) Greensleeves, Neil Young (5/16/74, The Bottom Line, New York City)

8) I Was The One She Came For, Jonathan Richman

9) 05 Revolution 1 (Take 20, Monitor-Mix), The Beatles

10) Keechie, No Age


11) Your Own Worst Enemy, TMBG

12) On and On, Friska Viljor

13) Oxycontin Blues, Steve Earle

Friday the 13th (that comes on a Friday) and the Royals home opener this afternoon. And I have to work. Bah humbug.
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Shockingly, I do not have a "triskadekaphilia" tag, so I can't easily check how many of these I have posted over the years. In any event, get out there and push the limits, people! Here's (conveniently enough) 13 songs to help you out.

1) The Losing End, Neil Young & Crazy Horse (Aichken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan 3/3/76)

2) Vespucci, BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland

3) gay shack, fettes brot vs b-52's dj fac

4) Við spilum endalaust (Live @ MoMA), Sigur Rós

5) JB: Fairport Convention, Chinese White Bicycles a.k.a. Joe Boyd & Robyn Hitchcock

6) Ceremony, Galaxie 500

7) Lucky Ball And Chain, TMBG

8) Trash, The Whip

9) Withered Hope, TMBG (Live 11-29-08 Le Poisson Rouge)

10) Wolf Like Me (live, band unknown)


11) Hero Worship, The B-52's

12) The seventh son, Willie Dixon

13) Dirty Old Town, Joe Strummer & The Pogues (Live In Germany (1991))

Early to work, and on and on. Tomorrow is Surly Day! (the beer, not the attitude. Though that could happen, too)


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