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On the off chance that some of you might not be connected to me via all the other social media, a brief recap. I went into the emergency room at KU Med at 4a on March 15, where I was diagnosed with a heart attack (one of several over the week, it appears) and three cardiac arterial blockages. On the 17th, I had a triple bypass. On the 21st, I was sent home. I feel much better now. I feel better than James Brown. So let's have some music, hey?

1) Hold My Life, The Replacements

2) Trivani -- Sacred Knot, Tony Scott

3) Life On Mars?, barbra streisand (this is a real thing! I am shocked!)

4) Hippie Dream, Gitar (yes, a hip-hop Neil Young cover)

5) Almost Cut My Hair, David Crosby and Graham Nash [The Arlington Theater Santa Barbara, California March 27, 2011] (well, they did shave most of mine)

6) New Mama, Neil Young & the Stray Gators (3/11/73, Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, CA)

7) Following The River, The Rolling Stones

8) dreams, railcars

9) Hungry Wolf, X

10) 1-2-Another, Mirror Kisses


11) Satisfied 'N' Tickled Too (Mississippi John Hurt cover), Taj Mahal

12) Habanera, Dweezil Zappa/Dweezil Zappa

13) Keep The Car Running, Arcade Fire

And here we are on the other side. Since I am off work until June or so, I'll probably be dropping by here a bit more often with whatever I happen to have on hand at the time. We shall see. And get a checkup, people! Plus Opening Day (US version) is Monday (except for the Sunday part [fuck you Bud Selig!])!
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Friday again? Another year gone by, and many changes and strangeness there were in it. Some I could have done without, others have made me re-evaluate what I thought I couldn't (or wouldn't) do, with interesting (to say the least) results. But now, musics.

1) the_same_haunt, Panic Years

2) Woman, John Lennon

3) This Barstool's Reserved For My Heart, David Lindley & Wally Ingram

4) 1956 and all that, McLusky

5) I Feel Out Of Control, elbarto&liamb

6) A Postcard to Nina, Jens Lekman

7) We Were Rock & Roll, Janelle Monáe

8) T'Mershi Duween (Truncated), Frank Zappa

9) Please Be My Third Eye, La Sera

10) die Folterkammer des Dr. Sex, The Vampires of Dartmoore

You want MORE?!?!? Oh, ok

11) I Should Get Up, Teddy Thompson

12) Rosemary, Carmina Piranha

13) The Battle Of The Little Man, World Party

After work will be the birthday dinner, with a quest to find someplace that still has Foeder Projekt #1 from Boulevard on tap. Bier Station and Flying Saucer are already out, so I don't have a lot of hope, but I will be calling around. The weekend holds the prospect of more house cleaning/packing, plus the Cards sweeping the Red Sox at home to take the World Series and the Chiefs with a shot at 8-0 (and boy, do I wish I'd been able to put some cash on that happening before the season started). And my fantasy team, the Lustful Cockmonsters (h/t Chris Kluwe) are looking for a sixth straight win, after going down hard the first two games (see what I did there?).
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For SABR. This one is on the 1984 Detroit Tigers. The perfect gift for the baseball fan in your life!

DETROIT TIGERS 1984: What a Start! What a Finish!
Mark Pattison and David Raglin, editors
$19.95 paperback (SABR Member Price: $9.95, ISBN 978-1-933599-44-1)
$9.99 ebook (SABR Member Price: $5.99, ISBN 978-1-933599-45-8)
8.5x11", 250 pages (Over 230,000 words!)

Buy the paperback at Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/4095563

Ebooks for sale at
B&N Nookstore: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1113979748?ean=2940016069166
Amazon Kindle Store: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AOEY71K
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Welcome, triskadekaphiles! Having survived the trip to Minicon and back, we're here once again spinning the hits (and misses, when they show up). Minicon was fun, if exhausting even without the drive (first con in six months; gotta get back in con shape). Having headed north last Thursday evening with a full vehicle, we crossed the Minnesota border at 2a and found our overnight crash space in Ottawana.

The next morning, I was reading the local free paper and the big story was the upcoming Easter egg hunt put on by a local church. Apparently last year 10K eggs weren't enough, so they had arranged for 50,000 eggs for this year's event. For a city of 25,000. Additionally, the church was bringing in a special guest speaker for the Easter service: Stephen Baldwin. Scary stuff.

On the way up, we stopped for dinner at the only non-fast food we could find open, an Applebee's just off I-35 in the northeast corner of the Des Moines metroplex. Our server was wearing a shirt promoting Peace Tree Brewing. The Rye Porter was very tasty indeed, and a side trip to the brewery in Knoxville in the near future will be in order. But now, the tunes.

1) Space Oddity, Belle & Sebastian

2) Back On The Street, Hawkwind

3) The Polka Polka, Mojo Nixon

4) Pull Up To The Bumper, Grace Jones

5) Hydrological Cycle, Half-handed Cloud

6) So What, Larry Carlton

7) Greensleeves, Neil Young (5/16/74, The Bottom Line, New York City)

8) I Was The One She Came For, Jonathan Richman

9) 05 Revolution 1 (Take 20, Monitor-Mix), The Beatles

10) Keechie, No Age


11) Your Own Worst Enemy, TMBG

12) On and On, Friska Viljor

13) Oxycontin Blues, Steve Earle

Friday the 13th (that comes on a Friday) and the Royals home opener this afternoon. And I have to work. Bah humbug.
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No Friday Random 10+ this week, getting ready to leave for Minicon! But, in honor of the start of opening day, the greatest baseball song evar1!!11!leventy!!
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After a thrilling week that was highlighted by spending five hours in the ER with Rohanna (good news, not her appendix; bad news, possible chronic bowel pain), time for another round of spin the iTunes (over 35K songs and growing)!

1) I'll Be Glad, Bonnie Prince Billy

2) towards the sun, sri aurobindo

3) Coming Right Along, The Posies

4) who knows where you are, The Harpeth Trace

5) i go to sleep [bonus track, unreleased demo], the kinks

6) All I Wanna Do, The Beach Boys

7) Going Down, Lynch Mob

8) White Riot, The Clash (Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, 05-21-81)

9) Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen), Concrete Blonde

10) Portia, Throwing Muses


11) The Rockafeller Skank (Mulder's Urban Takeover Mix), Fatboy Slim

12) Invisible Man, The Breeders

13) Nothing (Lifestyle Of A Tortured Artist For Sale), The Dandy Warhols

And off we go. March Madness (fuck you, NCAA™) comes to an end, ideally with the Jayhawks cutting down the nets in Nawlins, just in time for the baseball season to begin. And for those considering attending Chicon 7, this year's World Science Fiction convention, rates go up Sunday, so get that membership soon!
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A couple of months ago, I answered a post from the lovely and talented Cecilia Tan, who was looking for someone to put together a book for SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. I jumped at the opportunity, and now it has come to fruition. Available from Lulu, Can He Play? is a great collection of stories, interviews and biographies about the folks who found and signed some of the greats of baseball. Well worth checking out if you are a fan.

Also available in ebook formats.
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I normally get up around 6a on weekdays, but after all the chaos of this week I rolled over this morning to discover it was 7.15. Between work, a freelance book production gig and the wackiest World Series of all time, sleep has been minimal this week. So let's hope these will wake me up.

1) Rolling in the Deep, Stephanie Lauren

2) Dinner Bell, TMBG (Live 11-29-08 Le Poisson Rouge)

3) Just Like A Woman, Calexico & Charlotte Gainsbourg

4) My Son John, John C. Reilly

5) Two Characters In Search Of A Country Song, The Magnetic Fields

6) Wonderful Life, The Felice Brothers

7) Trouble, French Kicks

8) Search and Destroy, Iggy & the Stooges

9) Last One Standing, Ladytron

10) Sound Of Music, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

and we're walking . . .

11) Little Heaven, Cesar Rosas

12) Sirens #2, Entertainment For The Braindead

13) All My Little Words, The Magnetic Fields

So it's on to Game Seven tonight, along with a possible head-shaving (not mine, not mine), the KaCSFFS Hallowe'en party Saturday, a late birthday bash on Sunday and, of course, National Tooth Rot Day Monday, along with the Chiefs game Busy, busy. Go Cards!
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For the second straight year, Alex Rodriguez has ended the New York Yankees' season by striking out to end the last game of the series. Life is good.
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The St. Louis trip for the long weekend was just what the Dr. ordered. Got there late Friday, enjoyed cigars and beer with Michael Weaver and crashed around 3a. The next morning, while waiting for NPulsifer and Gisele to show up, I looked at my phone and discovered four calls from my boss. Tried calling him back, but got voicemail. About 20 minutes later, he called again. The big file we'd been waiting for had arrived, but he couldn't get it to run (shocking, I know). When I informed him I was across the state, he was less than thrilled, but understood I wouldn't be coming in to fix it.

much more detail on the weekend )One of the more interesting aspects of the trip was taking Dragonet's new car, a Ford Fiesta, on its first road trip. For being so small, I found it fairly comfortable both as driver and passenger, though I don't think I could drive it on a regular basis. The real fun was playing with the Sirius XM radio that came with it. We found a channel that described itself as "contemporary eclectic," and it certainly was. A wide variety of music, with nothing that made me want to change the channel. On the way home, we were treated to an in-studio set by David Bromberg, promoting his new album, which I need to get. And now, here's some tunes for today.

1) Battlement Jaxx (Original Mix), Basement Jaxx vs. Metropole Orkest

2) Empire State Of Mind feat. Alicia Keys, Jay-Z

3) Contact High, Love Jones

4) Ology, Living Colour

5) Stoppin The Love, KT Tunstall

6) Kick In The Eye, Bauhaus

7) Jack-O-Lantern, Supreme Dicks

8) Hold On To Your Dreams; Jah Wobble, The Edge & Holger Czukay

9) Doctor Who Original Theme, Delia Derbyshire

10) She's Too Good For Me, Warren Zevon

injury time

11) Public Service Announcement, DJ Danger Mouse

12) Cage Those Pythons, Dinowalrus

13) Wash Off, Deerhunter

As for the file from hell, it got run Tuesday, and I went in early to get it all finished and shipped off to D.C. for the conference next week. And in early today, to catch up everything else. And then, a weekend with no required activities, besides watching feetsball on Sunday.
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Due to Jon being gone this week, I have had to work every day (still only 7 hours, but still!) this week! And late Tuesday, suddenly it was realized that the Maker Faire was this weekend, and all the signs and banners and such needed to be printed in time for it. So in addition to working all week, Wednesday and Thursday were 9+ hour days (but no overtime, alas). Now here's some music to get me moving toward going to work today.

1) Uncertain Smile (Original Version), The The

2) Blackout, British Sea Power

3) Fantasy Sequins, George Harrison

4) French Disko, Stereolab (Irving Plaza 2008-10-02)

5) Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye, Leonard Cohen

6) That's All, the Old Believers

7) Leave Me Alone, Lou Reed

8) Hotel California, Gipsy Kings

9) G Wants the Same Capital, ToToM (Nine Inch Nails - Capital G vs. Scissor Sisters - Everybody Wants the Same Thing)

10) Country At War, X

plus plus plus

11) The Perfect Me, Deerhoof

12) Helter Skelter, Dwight Twilley

13) Caroline Knows, Splitsville

Tonight it's off to see the Cubs and Royals. Ideally another home run will be hit to us on the party porch, and we'll show up on MLB.com in the highlights. Saturday I'll be helping the Means family move for a bit. Sunday might have a meeting in the afternoon, then NPulsifer and I are planning to check out a 50+ musician tribute/show to honor local singer-songwriter Howard Iceberg and his ever-mutating band, the Titanics. It's also a release party for his 7-cd box set, "Welcome Aboard!" Come on down to the Crosstown Station, 1522 McGee. $5 to get in (proceeds go to the local community radio station, KKFI) and you get a free cd!
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Another season has begun, happy happy joy joy. Opening Day was Thursday, so NPulsifer and I put off our religious observances until today. Barry Haldiman came over while his lovely wife Beth was doing volunteer work nearby. When NPulsifer called to say he was on the way, I started the charcoal and when he arrived, proceeded to grill some sweet Italian sausaged and bacon cheddar brats. They told us nothing, but were delicious anyway.

At 11.30 Beth wandered over, and after a brief round of "I went to get you just before you showed up," we headed out to Kauffman Stadium. As always, the first trip of the year to the Holy Shrine is a very special occasion. NPulsifer and I met up with Ralphie on the Party Porch in right field, and proceeded to consume the Sacred Bheer, starting with Boulevard Pale Ale, then switching to Smithwick's later on.

The game between the Royals and the Angels of Miscellaneous Municipalities was excellent on all counts. Pitching was solid, the defense was good, and the batters came through when it mattered in the bottom of the eighth, taking a 5-4 lead that Joakim Soria, the best closer in baseball, bar none, preserved out with a 1-2-3 ninth.

After a breif break, the congregation was treated to a bonus game, between the Royals' AAA and AA farm teams. It too was great fun, especially seeing the kids who will be coming up in the next two years to provide a solid foundation for the future.

My arms and face are sunburned, and I'm beat. But damn, what a great start to the season.
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Another reasonably busy week at work, though the current projects are winding down quickly, and nothing seems to be in the queue. Eh. Music.

1) Flashlights, Women (Subbacultcha CMJ Showcase 2008-10-22)

2) Sun Giant, Fleet Foxes (The Metro, Sydney, Australia - January 3rd, 2009)

3) I Kissed a Girl, Katy Perry

4) Party Up in Here, The Brides Of Funkenstein

5) Von, Sigur Rós

6) Happiness, TMBG?*

7) Spider Man, The Ramones

8) 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Pere Ubu

9) Preachin' Blues, Jeremy Lyons

10) Beautiful, Belle & Sebastian

and then some

11) I Like The Way You Werk It, Information Society

12) Closer To Rock n' Roll, Smash-Up Derby (Joan Jett vs. NIN)

13) Just, Nickel Creek

Got a bunch of stuff to do this weekend, including the first ballgame of the season tomorrow! Royals/Angels, followed by the Royals' Triple-A and Double-A farm teams facing off. A chance to see all these amazing prospects who will be leading us to glory and victory and World Serieseses real soon now. Sure, we're dreaming and hoping. It's all we got.

Could be worse, we could be Cubs fans, and only have delusions to keep us going.

Which reminds me:

That one's for you, mom

*From a miscellaneous mix–labeled TMBG, but sounds like Matthew Sweet to me. More research needed.
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Another week in the books. Much of work time spent on materials for a special display of "The Original Rules of Basket Ball" by James Naismith, which wiil be on display at the Nelson-Atkins Museum here in KC starting this weekend. We seem to be getting more work in, though in random bunches rather than a consistent supply. Still not enough to be going back to fulltime, alas.

And I'm busily putting together the first draft of Progress Report #4 for Renovation, this year's Worldcon. How does this keep happening to me? Oh, right, I keep saying "yes" when people ask me to do stuff like that (thanks, Tim!). At least I'm not doing the ConQuesT Program Book this year. Here's some music to celebrate the announcement that A Dance With Dragons will hit the bookstores on July 12, 2011. George said it in the internet, it must be true!

1) Struck, Cesar Rosas

2) The Garden, Parlour Steps

3) She Said She Said, The Beatles

4) Anyway, Amy Farris

5) Eli, The Barrow Boy; The Decemberists

6) She's A Wiggler, Fenton Robinson

7) My Fondest Memory, The Sad Cobras

8) John the Gun, Sandy Denny

9) Pussy, Brazilian Girls

10) A Perfect Lie, Jerry Harrison


11) Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz


13) Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You [Mono], Bee Gees

I have actually caught parts of two Royals spring training games on MLB, and we won both! Does this mean we won't suck this year? Probably not. But they just might be better than most people think. I'l settle for over 70 wins this year.

I will be taking a brief break from the grindstone to watch KU beat MU Saturday (11a start? What are you thinking, CBS? Barely enough time to wake up and grab a beer!) Rock Chalk!
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After a annoyingly irritating day at work, I raced home, where Dragonet and Rohanna awaited with my birthday presents. Ro got me a four pack of boxer shorts[1], which included a pair that could be billed as Steampunk shorts, given the gears and such printed on them; the new Neil Young album, Le Noise, which I am very much looking forward to listening to; and, from the clearance rack, a lovely orange and yellow Hawai'ian shirt featuring palm trees and (pun alert!) bottles of "Wrecked Stout." Dragonet got me a bottle of Glenfiddich 15 y.o. single malt Scotch. Nom nom.

We then traveled to NPulsifer and Gisele's abode, where a lovely Stephen King/Shari Lewis mashup dinner[2] went into the oven whilst we went to the new local bar Swagger, where he treated Ro and I to shots of Bushmill's 21 year old single malt. At one point, our waitress came by, and I mentioned that it was my birthday. She returned shortly with shots of Jameson's for us all. Then the the owner came by to chat, and after determining that I was the natality victim, asked if I had ever had Bushmill's 1608, their 400th anniversary release. I replied that I had, once, and he asked if I would like a shot. Somehow, I managed to remain calm while responding, "Yes, thank you very much, I'd love one." He brought back a very generous pour of that wondrous elixir, which I shared with my friends. An entertaining discussion of the differences between the three whiskys followed. And then a waitress brought a slice of cheesecake by for "whoever's got a birthday." It was quite good, too.

Ro and I talked to the owner for a bit, and we both agree that this is the kind of neighborhood bar we have been looking for for a very long time. I told the owner I would be pimping the shit out of the place here, and so I am. If you are in KC, and looking for a fun bar with lots of beers on tap (53) and many more in bottles, plus good foo, Swagger is the place to check out. We will be back, probably on a Wednesday, which features the crab leg special (not a euphemism). And for the professional eater, there is the Dead Texan: Two Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches with a 1/3 lb. burger, 1 egg, 3 slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos, and peppercorn mayo in between. Be still, my clogging arteries. While I won't be touching that with a 10-foot stent, I do think I know where I will be celebrating my birthday for the forseeable future.

We headed back to NPulsifer's, where the lamb was perfectly done. We were joined by our friends Liz and Joe (NPulsifer's son [by Star and I] Eric had met us at Swagger), and settled down to watch Game Six of the ALCS. As the Rangers slowly built their lead, we had a great time picking on Joe, who had doubled down on his masochistic sports fetish by wearing a Yankees t-shirt over a Cowboys shirt. As Slappy Rodriguez[3] stood at the plate looking at strike three like it was some kind of endangered species he should avoid swinging on penalty of death, all but one of us cheered. Even better, I never saw ex-President Smirky anywhere, acting like he had anything to do with the team now that it was successful.

All in all, one of the best birthday celebrations I have had. Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes. And best of luck to the San Francisco Giants, because Mike Sweeney getting into the World Series is almost as big a sign of the apocalype as the time he stole home off Andy Pettitte. No, really, I was there! It happened! I saw it! The baseline opened up, and a plague of burnt ends came forth! But the Fucking Yankees still won that night (in thirteen innings).

[1] When one goes to pull up a pair of underwear, and can see through the space next to the central seam, said shorts are defunct. Similarly (for males at least) when one takes the appropriate position before the "R. Mutt" sculpture on the wall of the restroom and reaches through one's open pants fly to deploy the equipment for micturation, only to discover multiple openings available for said deployment that were not part of the original design, said shorts are also geschvinkto.

[2] What, you never heard of "The Lamb Shank Redemption"?

[3] almost certainly the first player to appear in a baseball playoff series while being paid by both teams involved.
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NPulsifer and I celebrated Greinke Day at the ballpark tonight. I really can't explain how good going to a ballgame makes me feel. No matter what kind of day I have had, when I get to the stadium, somehow things are just better. Especially at Kauffman Stadium, one of the best in the country, and only better after the renovations. The rest of the world just fades away, and there is the beauty of the game.

Which is not to say one is not unaware of the world; NPulsifer and I had a continuing conversation about the KC in 2016 WorldCon bid and my role in it (flyers! banners! a zine!), but it was all fit in around the game. It's very peaceful, yet energiziing. Wish I could afford to get season tickets.

And the game was a very good one. Greinke went six innings, allowing only one run. Yuniesky Betancourt (the World's Worst Shortstop™*) and Wilson Betamit hit solo homers, and Joakim "The Mexicutioner" Soria came on in the ninth to close it out. 2-1, Royals.

* This is a proven true fact by a variety of metrics, though he does have the bizarre ability to make seemingly impossible plays, followed by botching the most elementary of plays. I finally realized what it is: he's th Sundance Kid of shortstops. Remember the scene in the film, where Butch and Sundance are trying to get hired as bodyguards, and Sundance can't shoot a target rock to save his life? Then he asks "Can I move?" and proceeds to dive, roll and shoot, blasting the crap out of the rock. Same with Yuni: the leaps, lunges and dives he can do. Bend over and glove a bouncer right to him? Not so much. Will be so glad when he is done after this year.
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Friday: at work from 9a until almost 7p, raced home to meet with the gang to see Tool. Show: awesome, as always. Bonus points for a decent opening act (what I saw/heard of them, due to the length of the lines to get in through the metal detector*/wand stop at the doors). Last time it was Meshuggah, which is apparently Finnish for Suck (Eric fell asleep during their performance). Got home and to bed by midnight.

Saturday: Up as 6a, and off to work to do a bunch of rush crap for, you guessed it, Ha//mark (when you don't care enough to get your end of the production cycle done on time, but still want your crap done by the original deadline, or even sooner on 24 hours notice). 6.75 hours later, home for a shower, then off to Lawrence to drop the Story in a Bottle™ off with McKitterick for the Campbell Conference next month. Quick stops at Brits and Free State, then home via NFM (Ro bought a table for her boss at work there, and was unwilling to pay the $51 delivery fee to their office in Grandview on a $109 table, so we picked it up on the way home). Brief nap, then I grilled steaks for dinner and we watched the rebroadcast of the Royals-Cards game (we lost, 5-2, damnit/we won 5-2, yay!**). Having caught up on LJ and email, time for bed.

Tomorrow: not a damned thing on the schedule, and beef short ribs in the crockpot for dinner.

*Though some would consider this redundant, I consider Tool more post-industrial psychedelic rock than metal.

**Yes, I am both a Royals and Cardinals fan. The '85 World Series was a bit complex for me
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Ha//mark has been beating the crap out of me, and more is on the way. Or, rather, the same thing again. The money is nice, but the nine and ten hour days are less than amusing. At least Rohanna and I (along with NPulsifer and Eric) got to see the Royals Tuesday, in a game which featured both a catcher's interference call and a batter's interference with the catcher (separate plays). And we won, 15-7! And on to the tunes:

1) Punk Rock Girls, The Queers

2) Love In Mind, Neil Young (Live At Massey Hall 1971)

3) The Unicorn, Shel Silverstein

4) The Problem Is... [Explicit], Murs & 9th Wonder

5) Maria Christina, Los Lobos (The Fillmore San Francisco, CA December 6, 2003)

6) Headphones, Atlas Sound

7) Whiskey Trail, Los Lobos

8) Inland empire, PETER BJORN & JOHN

9) Dancin Dancin (Disco Mix), The Vamps

10) Buzz Aldrin, Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks

and that happened

11) Chris The Birthday Boy, Solex

12) Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin), Magazine

13) Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow (Live), The Sugarcubes

Tomorrow is the usual third Saturday scrum, with a trip to Lawrence for KanPoly, then off to the wilds of Louisburg, KS for the KaCSFFS picnic and some sky watching at the observatory. Sunday seems empty, so I might get caught up on everything I've been too tired to do this week. We shall see.
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Armando Galarraga of Detroit just threw the third perfect game in major league baseball in the last month (there had been 20 in the 100+ years of the game before tonight). Unfortunately, the first base umpire, Jim Joyce, blew an easy call on the last out, so it doesn't count. The play was very obvious from several replay angles. Absolutely ridiculous.

If MLB is allowing replays for home runs, they should also give each manager one challenge a game. There is no excuse for this sort of thing any more.
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Rohanna was so pleased last night, as she was able to inform me that the Royals had fired Trey Hillman. Usually I am the one passing sports-related info to her. I wasn't shocked or surprised. I had been predicting since last season that if the Royals didn't get off to a good start, he'd be gone by Memorial Day. Given that in the past week he'd had the offical KC Star baseball columnist "He Must Go" piece written about him, followed by the obiligatory "Utmost Confidence" Kiss of Death statement by the general manager, it was inevitable. Of course, the real problem with the Royals is that general manager Dayton Moore has spent a lot of David Glass's Wal-Mart money on very bad players, and until he's gone, and a management team that actually understands player evaluation in the 21st century is put in place, the team isn't going to get any better.

That's it from the sports desk, now on to the music:

1) When it Slips Away, Somewhere off Jazz Street

2) Switch On (feat. Ryan Tedder), Paul Oakenfold

3) 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Jim Henry

4) Milkshake, Holy Fuck

5) Into The Wild, Ghost of Tom Joad

6) Black Covers, Everest

7) The Grudge, Tool*

8) Space Travel By Roman Candlelight, Mirror Kisses

9) Our Secret, Beat Happening

10) Forever, The Cure (Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia)

more, more, more

11) Breaker, Dragons Of Zynth

12) Mink Car, TMBG

13) Blue Telescope, John Hiatt

And off to work. Finishing up 28 signs for the KATY Trail. Usual 3rd weekend craziness, with added "must get ConQuesT program book done" fun.

*Seeing them next month! woo-hoo!


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