Oct. 21st, 2010

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1) Toe of Doom™: Hasn't gotten any better, so I saw the doc on the 6th. Because I Can Has Insuranz!!!!!, he took the extra time to give me a quick once over, including the ever-popular (amongst doctors, at least) Cough and Grope with a side of Roll Up Your Arm and Bend Over, along with standard blood tests and x-rays of the accursed (if not recursive) foot. Also got scrip for triple round of Augmentin. die, infection, die!

Blood work came back fine (no gout, diabetes or other things to make one drink more), but the x-rays seemed to show some damage to the toe bone, so Monday I had an MRI. Concensus: definite damage, possible bone infection. So Tuesday I see a podiatrist. they keep talking about "debriding." Now I'm not going to claim my marriage(s) is/are perfect, but this does seem a bit extreme. On the other hand, if they amputate, it will keep me out of the army.

Best news: foot started really hurting bad yesterday, and this afternoon called the doc for another scrip of Vicoprofen[1]. They called back at 5p to say they had called it in, and I was able to pick it up at Costco earlier this evening. Nom nom. And even better, two refills! I love my doctor.

2) Ro's computer: It gave her the BSOD last Saturday, and after multiple intercessions by her company IT dept, Obi-Karl Foss and others, it currrently resides at Best Buy, which happens to be an Asus warranty repair provider. Worst case, she might have to buy a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, because including an install disk (as opposed to a recovery disk) with a brand new computer doesn't happen with PCs. WTF?

Interesting data point: Ro brought her work laptop home to check email, etc, and after plugging in her monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse dongle and a router, it BSOD'd. Is there a USB-centric virus/trojan out there anyone has heard of?

3) My keyboard/mouse: still with the same crap. Must unplug the mouse every 3-5 minutes to keep it actually working. Almost ready to re-install Tiger and see what happens (see, MAcs come with the full operating system on a disk for such situations. This really should have been a "Mac/PC" commercial).

UPDATE OF NO IMPORTANCE: The "Noises in My Head" entry was supposed to read: Nom Nom Nom Bow Wow Wow, I Want Candy. Apparently using code in the details is not allowed. Bah and humbug.

But the point remains: Myant Myant Aye = nom nom.

[1] Like vicodin, but with ibuprofen rather than that evil acetomeinaphen, and 50% more vico!


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