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1) The Toe of Doom™ is doing very well under the new antibiotic regime (doxycycline, to be specific). This is good.

2) We tried to get a new fridge at Nebraska Furniture Mart, only to find the credit line we thought we had no longer existed, thanks to our crappy credit ratings. A repairman was called, and the solution involved the compressor and about $175. Fridge is cooling as we speak. Contents will be reapportioned tomorrow.

3) Dragonet had Monday off for the holiday (this was not guaranteed, but her department had their workload well under control, so day off!) and decided to catch the laundry up. She put a mixed load of underwear in, and the washer filled, but didn't actually, y'know, wash. So she scooped the cold, wet load (very much not a euphemism) out and took it to the nice, reasonably new laundromat over on Main, which happens to be located on the former site of Ray's, one of the city's finest purveyors of adult literature, visuals and novelties for many, many years (the old coal-fired vibrators they carried in the early days are greatly prized by steampunks throughout the metro and beyond). Fortunately, a couple of hours of direct application of a space heater to the washer resulted in it unfreezing, and working properly. I pointed out to Dragonet that this site was in fact an ancient Native American porno mound, and only bad things could result (or reslut–sometimes typos are talking to you0.

4) Went out last night at 9.30, and spent an hour or so removing snow from the driveway and around the cars on the street. Got back up a 6a, and cleared the cars off with a broom (an advantage of the dry, fine powder we got this time), and shoveled out the mouth of the driveway where the plow had filled it in. Never been a big fan of winter; this one isn't changing my opinion. I mean, I do like watching a classic snowstorm, I just they could happen when it was 75˚ out and someone else would clean up afterwards.
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Went to bed at 12.30a, after reading an incredible story by Peter Watts from the latest issue of Clarkesworld Magazine. (link via Making Light). Go, read, I'll wait.

Early leader in the clubhouse for the 2011 Hugos, am I right?

So once I went to bed, I lay in agony for a couple of hours before giving up and putting the knee brace back on. Knee brace, you say? Why yes, thank you for asking. Monday evening the back of my left knee began prooduucing a stabbing pain in a line down the back of the knee, pretty much centered, when I tried to bend or straighten it out. By morning, the knee was somewhat swollen and did not want to bend much at all. I made it through the day at work, and after several extremely cranky rotations through sitting, standing and moving around and back to sitting, it seemed to be better-ish, though by the time I got home it was swollen to approximately 150% of the size of the other one.

Yesterday, before I left, Rohanna dug up her old knee brace and I wore it for the day. It seemed to keep things in place and under control, while providing me slightly more mobiility than Chester had in "Gunsmoke." I took it off briefly when I got home, and discovered the pain was concentrated in the upper left quadrant of the knee (possibly in part muscle pain due to the knee parts being forced into unaccustomed positions by the brace [my kneecaps are rotated 55˚ along the vertical axis congenitally, and everything else is screwed up trying to keep them in place]).

So, back to this morning. The pain was terrible, so I finally put the brace on and kind of dozed while uncomfortably laying (lying? recllining?) on my back until 6a, when I got up, bundled up, and went out to shovel the snow. The tracks I had scraped out for the cars in the driveway had com[pletely filled up, though some of that could have been due to the vivacious north wind that made the ambient temperature of 5˚ that much more refreshing.

And now I am typing this while trying to find a comfortable position at the desk. Not looking forward to going bck downstairs to take my shower and head off to work (must go, it's payday, such as it is). So if any of you in my tens of readers happen to about knees, please feel free to let me know just how totally fucked I am here. Thanks.


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