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Happy Birthday to Neil Young, who turns 65 today. Maybe some of his work will turn up in today's mix. Let's see, shall we?

1) City of New Orleans, Steve Goodman

2) Alone Again, Tok Tok Tok

3) Ugly Boy, The Cuties

4) What She Turned Into, Retribution Gospel Choir

5) Beautiful, Bill Frisell

6) The Nightfly, The Donald Fagen Band (03/13/06 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada)

7) Faith, Hope And Charity; Fun Boy Three

8) Umbrella, Mechanical Bride

9) So Come Back, I Am Waiting; Okkervil River

10) The Search Within (Interlude), Sean Jones

and boom goes the dynamite:

11) Dirty Rain, Turnpike Glow

12) Your Racist Friend, TMBG

13) Sun King, Gomez

Got my paycheck yesterday, as per the usual schedule, but of course I coudln't do anything with it, thanks to the banks being closed. So ther will be extra running around added to getting everyone and everything out to the hotel for ConTraception. I will be heading there after work, and needing to party.

On other fronts, the Toe of Doom is on hold for the moment. I see the podiatrist Tuesday morning, and we'll see about getting the Toecapitation scheduled, ideally sooner rather than later. I would prefer to have some mobility for SMOFcon.

As for Marge, Rohanna's mom, she has had a couple of setbacks of late, and is back in the hospital. The immediate issue is being addressed, and she was feeling better last night.
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Rohanna's mom called her today to let her know that Marge is going to be released from the rehab facility Sunday. This 96-year-old woman fell and fractured her hip in two places on August 27th. She is going home on October 3rd. We should all be in such good shape.
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Last weekend Marge's niece Dee and Ro's daughter checked out a couple of potential rehab facilities where Marge could go to get back into fighting shape, and settled on which one they liked better. Due to the holiday weekend, of course, there was no way to get things moving, so Marge was resigned to a few more days in the hospital, where she was making excellent recovery progress, including walking to a chair and sitting upright for hours at a time. The first time she got to the chair, she began doing basic leg lifts on her to help get her leg strength back. She was also able to walk (with a walker) to the bathroom and take a very welcome shower after a week of bed baths.

The folks from John Knox Village Rehab came to check her out Tuesday, but said her INR (blood thickness) number was too high, and had to come down before they would take her. Between a vitamin K binge and cutting down the cumadin doseage, her number dropped a full point Wednesday, and she told Ro Thursday morning that she would be transferring on Friday. 20 minutes later, she called back in a panic saying the John Knox people were there and packing her up for transport. Naturally, yesterday was the one day where no one else in the family was available to be there to make sure everything got taken care of.

Ro left work and met Marge at the rehab facility, and once they explained what was going to be done Thursday (basic evaluation, no serious workouts to start) and Marge got settled, Ro was able to return to work knowing her mom was in good hands.
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Labor Day weekend already. I can see the head!

1) Unravel, Adem

2) Animal (Peter Bjorn and John Remix), Miike Snow

3) Happy When It Rains (Long Version), The Jesus And Mary Chain

4) The Future, Leonard Cohen (Beacon Theatre New York,NY 2009-02-19)

5) Don't Let It Get You Down, Fuzzbubble

6) Sukie In The Graveyard, Belle & Sebastian

7) The Whole Damn Thing, Those Darlins

8) i found a new love, Magic Sam

9) Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, The Beatles

10) I Don't Want to Get Over You, Redbear

and on and on and on

11) Passing By, The Beach Boys

12) Will The Wolf Survive, Los Lobos (12/10/84 King Biscuit Flower Hour 1977 Cincinnatti Ohio)

13) Upside, James (2008-06-05 - Live KCRW)

Marge continues to improve, has been getting up and walking to a chair in her room and sitting for a significant time. Probably will go to a rehab facility after the holiday. Dragonet begins her fall gig fleecing the rubes at Ren Fest. Rohanna and I will be attending the KC Irish Festival at some point this weekend, and there will be burnt offerings on at least two days.

I spent most of the day at work today at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, helping install some cut vinyl lettering for an upcoming exhibit of early Western art. I finally got to see one of the fake sarcophagi I made for the new mummy exhibit, and damn if it didn't look pretty good.

Have a happy and safe holiday, and to all the folks at WorldCon and DragonCon, I sincerely mean it when I say fuck all y'all.

No, really.


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